Becoming Mother was established by yogini, doula, birth educator and writer, Nadia Raafat in 2015. It is dedicated to improving the pregnancy, birthing and postpartum experience for mothers, babies and families through Yoga and Mindfulness.

At the heart of the Becoming Mother approach to birth is pregnancy yoga – the foundation practice.

Pregnancy Yoga is the ideal physical practice and exercise for any pregnant woman . Widely recommended and promoted by midwives, doctors and doulas, it is considered the safest all round exercise for women during pregnancy and an ideal birth preparation programme.

Here are just some of the benefits from a regular pregnancy yoga practice:

  • Spinal alignment
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Enhanced Pelvic awareness
  • Loosening the hips and pelvis
  • Toning the birthing muscles
  • All over body strengthening
  • Active birth positions
  • Calmer more grounded disposition
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • Deep relaxation and Visualization techniques for pregnancy and labour
  • Fear management techniques
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Space and time to connect with your unborn child

Nadia  is offering a 75mins Pregnancy Yoga class every Thursday Lunchtime at Battersea Yoga. Book directly via the Battersea Yoga website

Nadia’s pregnancy yoga and mindful birthing classes combine slow-flow yoga sequences with plenty of guided mindful awareness to encourage students into the optimum yogic state. Classes are dynamic but accessible to everyone – irrespective of gestation and experience. There is plenty of instruction and individual support. Each session offers pranayama and meditation/relaxation to encourage the body to release tensions, the mind to become still and the mother to create a deeper connection with her growing baby. Priority is given to supporting the pregnancy on all levels and establishing a strong internally-focused practice as this is what will be most useful during the childbirth experience.

Nadia’s 12 Week Yoga and Mindful for Pregnancy and Birth course takes place every MONDAY evening 6.30-7.45pm at CHATHAM HALL, NORTHCOTE ROAD, LONDON SW11

It is recommended that you join the course. Students can join anytime.

To join Nadia’s next Pregnancy Yoga and Mindful Birthing course which starts on Monday 20 April to Monday 20 July  please visit the Yoga and Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth Course Page and book your place now.

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Wishing you peace and clarity, love and light on your journey to and through Motherhood.

“Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have.” – Robin Lim

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