Postnatal Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training2024-05-15T12:09:21+01:00

 Postnatal Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training 

This comprehensive 60-hour Postnatal Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training is designed for individuals who are passionate about this transformative work and are seeking a thorough and enriching learning experience.


COURSE FEES: £475 which can be paid either in full or as a 2 part payment plan.

ONLINE: Location: Zoom

Part 1

Friday 24th May: 10am – 5pm

Saturday 25th May: 10am – 5pm

Sunday 26th May: 10am – 5pm

IN-PERSON: *Attendance is compulsory. The session will also be available online for those who cannot travel into London.

( Session with babies)

Location: London TBC

Sunday 2nd June: 10am – 5pm

ONLINE: Location: Zoom

Part 2

Saturday 29th June: 10am – 5pm

Sunday 30th June: 10am – 5pm

Online Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training


With a combined half century of dedicated experience in guiding women through their postnatal journey, Nadia Raafat and Vera Dubrovina are experts in accompanying and supporting women through pregnancy, childbirth, and into motherhood.

This postnatal training programme offers a unique opportunity to learn from their expertise in the field of postnatal support, recovery, and empowerment. Rooted in the body’s innate wisdom and deeply respectful of the physiological nuances of postpartum healing, the curriculum equips you with the skills to teach a unique programme of yoga and mindfulness that is specifically tailored to promote long-term maternal physical and mental health and wellbeing.



Nadia is a senior yoga teacher and committed yogini with 20 years teaching practice in Hatha and Tantra traditions as well as Buddhist-based Mindfulness. She is a perinatal specialist having trained in Pregnancy, Postnatal, and Baby Yoga, Birth Dance and Biomechanics for Birth. Nadia is also a trained holistic pelvic health specialist with a special interest in postpartum holistic pelvic health. Inspired by her own four birth and postpartum experiences, she became a doula in 2008 and has been attending births and supporting new mothers ever since. She has been training teachers since 2014 and launched her own teacher training programmes in 2020.

Nadia is currently mid-way through a Psychosynthesis Counseling and Psychotherapy training with the Psychosynthesis Trust. She has also undertaken training in Birth Trauma Recovery with Make Birth Better.


Vera is a senior yoga teacher, yoga therapist and teacher trainer with a particular specialism in female health including fertility and pregnancy. She is also a Birth and Postnatal Doula, Antenatal Educator, HypnoBirthing and Postpartum recovery support, as well as a fully trained Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra teacher. Vera will be co-teaching the full curriculum.

Vera has done intensive training across many postpartum disciplines including Mizan Therapy, postpartum closing (Angelina Martinez, Rocio Alacron, traditional Slavic practices), postpartum nutrition, herbalism, aromatherapy and homeopathy in addition to her formal training in breastfeeding, baby massage and Postnatal Yoga. She brings this wealth of knowledge to pass on to the next generation of postpartum recovery specialists.

PostNatal Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Application Form

Please submit your application form to info@nadiaraafat.com. Once your place has been confirmed, we will get back to you with booking details.


This comprehensive 60-hour postnatal yoga and mindfulness training is designed for individuals who are passionate about this transformative work and supporting new mothers. Whether you are a yoga teacher, midwife, doula, childbirth educator, physiotherapist, hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing practitioner, or complementary therapist, our programme provides a supportive and empowering professional community where you can grow and expand your knowledge and skills

You don’t have to be a yoga teacher but you need to have at least 6-12 months prior yoga experience. A solid background in yoga means you’ll be more familiar with the basic yoga postures, practices and terminology.

You don’t need to be a Mindfulness teacher either, but you do need at least one year of Mindfulness practice.

Our teacher training courses are designed as post-graduate study for qualified yoga teachers, or further learning for keen birth practitioners who are planning on using this knowledge to support the work they already do.


Our curriculum delves deeply into how the teachings and practices of yoga and mindfulness can enhance and support the transition into early motherhood. You’ll gain the knowledge and expertise to teach safe and appropriate yoga practices tailored for the postpartum period to specifically facilitate optimal postnatal restoration and recovery.You’ll learn key Mindfulness practices which support the experience of matrescence and how to share these teachings in an engaging and effective way.

In addition to our core teachings, our unique Teacher Training Syllabus encompasses:

  • Module 1:  Anatomy and Physiology of the Postpartum Period
  • Module 2: Progressive Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Including Addressing Scar Tissue and C-Section Recovery
  • Module 3: Mind-Body Connection in Holistic Postnatal Pelvic Health Including: Navigating Postpartum Transitions and Partner and Intimate Connection
  • Module 4: Progressive Yoga Sequencing through the Postpartum Year Including Awareness of Safety Considerations and Precautions in Yoga Instruction
  • Module 5: Yoga for Breastfeeding Including Guidance on Breastfeeding and its Integration Within Yoga Practice
  • Module 6: Mindfulness for Motherhood and Post-partum Mental Health
  • Module 7. Recovery from Difficult Births, Birth Trauma and Loss.
  • Module 8: Yoga Philosophy for the Path of Motherhood & Integrating Philosophy into Classes
  • Module 9: Community Support and Connection: Including Facilitating Group Sessions Where Mothers and Babies Participate Together
  • Module 10: Nurturing the Mother-Baby Bond  +  Basic Baby-Soothing Skills
  • Module 11: Community Space Holding: Initiating and Facilitating Group Discussion Within the Class Environment
  • Module 12: Guidance on Signposting and Best Practices for Accessing Additional Support and Assistance When Needed.


This training course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP).

All course graduates will receive certification from YAP as Postnatal Yoga and Mindfulness Specialists.

Please note you will only be insured to teach public Postnatal Yoga classes if you hold a general 200 hour yoga teaching qualification alongside this specialist Postnatal training.

We strongly recommend undertaking a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in addition to our specialized courses before teaching any public yoga classes.

Please submit your APPLICATION form to info@nadiaraafat.com. Once your place has been confirmed, we will get back to you with booking details.


What is your cancellation policy?2024-04-09T16:35:06+01:00

You will be able to find our cancellation policy at the bottom of our general T&C page Here

What does the course include?2021-07-30T10:41:24+01:00

The course includes:
* Digital teaching manual
* Free classes at Battersea yoga during the course
* Battersea Yoga tote bag (in-person students)

It doesn’t include any of the suggested readings or vouchers to attend classes outside Battersea Yoga

Do you offer any discounts?2021-07-30T10:41:00+01:00

Yes! We offer £50 off on upfront payments.
Discounts won’t apply if you split your payment in instalments.

I would like to pay in instalments, what are my options?2022-02-14T11:51:36+00:00

You can split your payments over 3 months.
The first instalment (£250) is your course deposit and is non-refundable

Where do the in person sessions of the training take place?2021-07-30T10:40:24+01:00

Battersea Yoga (Studio 1)
2 Kite Yard, Cambridge Road SW11 4TA, London

How much homework is there?2021-07-30T10:40:06+01:00

The Yoga and Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth teacher training course is a combination of practical and written assessments and a final examination . After each module, reading and small amounts of written work are set. Students will be asked to keep a short meditation and self-inquiry diary, attend pregnancy/mindful/hypnotherapy/birth preparation classes for the weeks between modules. Towards the end of the course there are slightly longer pieces of work to complete. To achieve the certificate, students will be required to pass all assessments.
Is it possible to work full time alongside the training?
Absolutely. The majority of the contact hours on the training take place over weekends

What happens if I become pregnant?2021-07-30T10:39:51+01:00

In the event that you become pregnant, the teacher training administration and teachers undertake to be as flexible as possible and support you to work out the best way forward.

What happens if I miss a session?2021-07-30T10:39:33+01:00

All sessions will be live-streamed and recorded. In the event that you miss a session of the training, you will be able to watch the recording later in the day.
You can also arrange an in person catch up session with a teacher. In this case you will need to agree on a catch up plan with the teacher. This may include attending an extra session with the teacher charged at £80 per hour (this can be split between all students who have missed the session).

I am not a yoga teacher, can I still do this training?2021-07-30T10:39:14+01:00

Absolutely. The course is not only for yoga teachers but also for childbirth educators, midwives, doulas, mindfulness teachers and hypnotherapists however, it is important to understand that in order to teach Pregnancy Yoga Classes you must have a previous certification in Yoga.

What is the difference between “In-person + Online” and “Online Only”?2021-07-30T10:38:55+01:00

The “In-person + Online” option is a blended learning experience, where some of the sessions will be in person at Battersea Yoga Studio (1st-3rd October and 26th-28th November) and the rest will be online.
The “Online Only” option is a complete online experience where all the sessions are attended via live-stream on zoom. You can join us from anywhere in the world!

Are there any prerequisites to join this course?2021-07-30T10:38:36+01:00

Yes, you must have practised yoga and meditation consistently for a minimum of one year.