Yoga and Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth – DVD

Nadia’s Becoming Mother Yoga and Mindfulness DVD is the first comprehensive Yoga and Mindfulness DVD for Pregnancy and Birth. Featuring 5 pregnancy yoga classes, 5 stand-alone Mindfulness Practices, birth dancing and plenty of birth education, it is endowed by a wide range of birth professionals and is suitable for all stages of pregnancy and all levels.

Nadia’s Becoming Mother Yoga
and Mindfulness DVD


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Nadia’s DVD Preview;

"As the founder of Birthlight, it is my personal delight to endorse Nadia s DVD. Her five classes are simply and exquisitely beautiful, mindful and effective. Nadia s DVD presents her integration of Birthlight Yoga and Mindfulness with a mastery that is an inspiration to all viewers.”
Francoise Barbira-Freedman, Founder, Director of Birthlight International, 2014

"This DVD is a joyous celebration of pregnancy and the everyday miracle of growing a new life.”
Annie Francis CE of Neighbourhood Midwives

"Becoming Mother is a gem for pregnant women. Cultivate connection, wholeness and joyful movement with Nadia as your wise and gentle guide.”
-Stephanie Larson, Founder, Dancing For Birth™

"I thought the DVD was brilliant - so calming, nurturing and crucially important for preparing the body and mind for pregnancy and childbirth. I would have loved to have something like that when I was pregnant.”
Ellie Harris, Mindfulness Teacher and Mother of 3

"The photography is excellent, the instructions very clear. I Love the variety of practices and the balance between being active and resting. Can't wait to recommend it to all my students & massage clients!”
Lon Gibbons, Fertility Doula, therapist and Yoga teacher

"Women watching this DVD will feel inspired to practise their yoga and to explore the potential within themselves - to enable them to have the best possible experience in a way that prepares them for the rest of their lives as mothers.”
Judy Cameron, Midwife, Director Yoga of Birth and Mother of 2