Yoga and Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth

Friday Morning Drop-in Yoga & Mindfulness Classes for Pregnant women from 14-42 Weeks

  • Pregnancy Yoga Classes Kingston
  • Antenatal Yoga Classes Kingston
  • Mindful Birthing Kingston
  • Hypno Birthing Kingston
  • Active Birthing Kingston
  • Hatha Yoga Kingston

Courses are lead by Nadia, a fully trained and accredited Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Childbirth Educator, Birthdancing Teacher, level 1 and 2 Birthlight BabyYoga Teacher, a trained Postnatal Teacher (YogaBirth)and accredited Birth Doula (Doula UK) with over 50 births behind her. At her pregnancy yoga classes in Kingston you can participate in:

  • 12-week Yoga, Mindfulness Training, Self Development & Empowering Birth Education Course
  • Drop-in Classes ae available at any point during the 12 week term

Classes are held not far from the centre of Kingston at the Krishna Yoga Studio, 34 Portsmouth Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2BF

Friday Mornings: 11.30am-12:15pm. NO BOOKING REQUIRED

Cost: £15 per class/ £180 for 12 Week Course

Nadia’s unique 12 Week Pregnancy Yoga and Mindful Birthing Course brings the key skills and teachings of Mindfulness and Pregnancy Yoga to the unique and intense challenges of the pregnancy and childbirth experience. More than just a pregnancy yoga course, it is a physical and mental self-development journey for new mothers that includes the very best and embodied childbirth preparation program.

Nadia is the writer/producer and teacher featured on the popular DVD and online 5 Class Yoga and Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth which has sold over 1000 copies to date.

She has also written many articles on Pregnancy, Yoga and Mindfulness for a host of print and onlines magazines, journals and blogs including: Juno, Mumfidential, Huffington Post, AbsolutelyMama and OM Magazine.

Birth Doula – Kingston

Helping Mothers to bring their babies peacefully and joyfully into the world. 12-years ago Nadia completed her Birth Doula training with the acclaimed obstetrician Dr Michel Odent and doula, Liliana Lamis. She has been certified with Doula UK since 2008 and has supported over 50 women and their partners in and around southwest London on their journeys to parenthood.

I so loved your classes too and definitely want to come back with Harry to do the mother and baby yoga.
Fiona Phillips
I just wanted to grab an opportunity to say a massive thank you for your amazing yoga classes which stood me in such great stead to have the birth I thought I could only dream about.
Hannah Lawes
I attended Nadia’s workshop before the birth of my first child and for me it was the best thing I did in preparation for the birth
Lucy Evans
Thanks for all support in the various classes I’ve been to (pregnancy, birth prep, couples birth prep and mother & baby!). I’ve found the classes really invaluable at each stage and you provide a brilliant service to women in the area.
Francis Thomas
I really think that all the prep I did with you was the reason I didn’t end up with a c-section or high forceps! He was almost there without intervention and all the exercises we did were the reason I was able to labour and then push for so long – and of course navigate the system and fend off the …
A huge thank you for your inspirational classes And wise words on empowering yourself with Knowledge, we had such a great experience Delivering evie at home
Laura Hilton
There is so much to get out of Nadia’s classes, the brilliant net-working, info sharing and of course the yoga all adds up to a fantastic service for pregnant women
Midwife, Annie Franics
I have found your classes absolutely invaluable during my pregnancy so far (and so has my partner!) – thank you!
Victoria Harris