Birth doula work is not about double hip squeezes and birth plans. It is about learning how to BE in the presence of conflict and the human experience of living at its most raw and gut wrenching…  Amy Gililand

Helping Mothers to bring their babies peacefully and joyfully into the world

Choosing a doula to accompany you on the birth journey is an act of self-love and empowerment.

  • There are many reasons why you may choose a doula:
  • You want a birth professional with you who is not a stranger. Someone you have built up a relationship with during the pregnancy.
  • You want a birth advocate to ensure that your wishes are respected.
  • You want someone to help you navigate the maternity system and explain what all the policies and guidelines really mean
  • Maybe you feel your partner is not willing/able to offer you the support you need
  • Maybe you are birthing alone.
  • Perhaps you’ve got a great partner but you still want a safe pair of hands supporting you both whilst you labour at home
  • You want someone with experience to support and encourage you.
Doulas make the birth journey less intimidating, more accessible and, therefore, more enjoyable, certainly more comfortable and definitely more empowering.
Have a doula! Nadia is FAB! She was a rock, and it was invaluable to have the someone you know and trust with you throughout the labour.

Did you know?

Research now shows that the benefits
of having a doula are:

  • 50% reduction in the caesarean rate
  • 60% reduction in epidural
  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery
  • 40% reduction in oxytocin use
  • 25% shorter labour

Source: DoulaUK

Interested? Read on.

The most important factor when choosing your doula is that you trust her, feel safe with her and enjoy her company. In order to facilitate this:

I would love you to:

  • Attend my weekly classes. That way we can really build up a relationship of familiarity.
  • Be willing to embark on a journey of discovery with me because it really can be an incredible journey and the process is all yours. I am there only to facilitate and support.
  • Be open to birthing without intervention or analgesia – because although nothing is guaranteed, setting a strong intention determines the direction in which we travel.

I can offer you:

Before the birth:

  • Two 2.5 hr home visits before the birth with you plus a third home visit with you and your partner. These are usually between 120 and 150 min sessions and are about connection, information and preparation. Some of the things we do may include debrief previous births, explore your birth preferences and assist you in writing a birth pref doc, learn how to get the best from your midwifes and consultants, explore ways in which your partner can support you and I, in turn, can support your partner, relax and enjoy a glass of wine together, relax and enjoy a yoga nidra session together, work through any anxieties or issues you may have, discuss your coping techniques for labour, perform a pelvic mapping session, learn about the hormones of labour and how to encourage them and explore any practical issues such as childcare.
  • I will be on call and available for you throughout your pregnancy from the moment you book me by email, phone and text.
  • I also offer a resource pack of material that includes a reading list, websites list and a booklet of useful articles to refer to during your pregnancy.
  • I have a great library of books, DVDS and CDS which I am happy to lend you.

During your birth:

  • On call 24 hours per day for your due period from 37 to 42 weeks,
  • During your labour I will join you whenever you feel you need me and accompany you from home to hospital or help you bed-down before the midwives arrive if you are planning a  home birth.
  • I will offer you (and your partner) continuous emotional, physical and informational support from when I join you in established labour, until you and baby are settled (usually 1-2 hours after baby’s birth)
  • I will offer you any assistance you may need with establishing breastfeeding after birth

After your birth

  • I’ll return two times to see you. Once in the first three days and a second time during the same week. During these visits we will process your birth experience, carry out a postnatal binding session, discuss feeding and sleeping, try out slings, and offer any other practical, information or emotional assistance you need.
  • Support you by phone, email or text, in the early days with questions about the postnatal period, baby and breastfeeding, or other areas for 30 days after your baby was born

My Doula Qualifications

  • I am a mother of four having experienced an emergency caesarean and three VBAC home births.
  • I am a fully recognised doula with DoulaUK since autumn 2007. I completed my doula training with Dr Michel Odent and Lilianna Lamis of Paramana Doula in January 2007.
  • I have supported many women through their births in that time including first, second and third births, VBAC, inductions, medicated births and uninterrupted births. I have also supported twins. These births have taken place at St Thomas’, St Georges, Chelsea and Westminster and UCL Hospitals and of course at home many times.
  • I have since gone onto do many further CPD training sessions with some incredible and inspiring teachers too many to be listed here (but which I provide a list of at our initial meeting).
  • I run the Magnetic Mothers Support Group for mothers practicing co-sleeping, long term breastfeeding and baby-led parenting. Naturally I am a big advocate of this way of mothering.
  • Being a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, I am a dedicated practitioner and bring the philosophy and spirit of yoga and Mindfulness to everything I do.
  • As a fully trained yoga teacher specialising in the perinatal period, I also offer antenatal yoga, mindful birth preparation and mother and baby yoga sessions.

If you would like to book an introductory meeting with me please get in touch: