Spring Term 2024

Chakra Yoga & Meditation

A 13 Week Experiential Journey Through the Seven Main Subtle Body Centres of the Yogic Chakra Tradition

Mondays, 8pm-9.15pm Online

Monday 22 April  to Monday 15 July 2024

The ancient Chakra system is a practical and spiritual wisdom model that offers up profound insights for practitioners on their journey towards wholeness. Its holistic vision of the mind/body system integrates the different layers of our experience in a united whole and enables us to see clearly where we are blocked or deficient and where we are thriving or over-compensating.

For each of us, the chakras are unique centers for physical, emotional and psychic energies where our subtle body finds its energetic expression.

This ancient map reveals a complex structure of energetic pathways much like a network of roads and by-roads crisscrossing the body acting as intersections between the various aspects or dimensions of our experience; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The focal point of this map is the centre of the body where the seven vital centres are located.

To work effectively with the chakras you need to take a multidimensional approach of body work (asana, mudra, movement), self-enquiry and reflection and meditation.This chakra yoga & meditation course will bring together all these practices ensuring that you unlock each chakra and learn its truths.

Over a 13 week period we will travel the chakra path mapping the muscular-skeletal, organ, nerve bundle and endocrine gland associated with each chakra, from the root aspects of ourselves in Muladhara and its connection with nervous system health, primal instinct and embodiment through to the spiritual dimension of Sahasrara; the Universal and our connection with the broader systems within which we exist. Each week we will combine evening-focused yoga postures and somatic practices designed to down-regulate, facilitate deep effective breathing and enable us to combine carefully targeted bodywork with mantra, sound meditation and visualisation to experience a direct connecti0n with each of these vital life centres..

We will spend two weeks working with each chakra and you will be encouraged to explore your off-mat relationship with each chakra between class through a weekly questionnaire which explores your relationship with the emotional and spiritual aspects of each chakra as it plays out in your life.

Please note ALL Live Zoom sessions will be recorded should you be unable to attend any live streams. All course content will be available for 6 months.

Essentials: Chakra Yoga & Meditation

Dates: Monday 22 April to Monday 15 July 2024 Inc

Course Cost: £208

Payment Possibilities:

Book Full 13 Week Course £208

5 Class Discount Pass (Valid In Wednesday class as well):£85

10 Class Discount (Pass Valid In Wednesday class as well: £170)

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