Nadia Raafat teaches Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga, Postnatal and Mindful Birth Preparation. She has been teaching in London for eleven years. She also practices as a Birth Doula.

Here you will find information on Nadia’s regular classes, courses and workshops, plus her Yoga and Mindfulness for Pregnancy DVD.

Whether guiding a Hatha Yoga Class, a Pregnancy Class or a Mindful Birthing Course, Nadia’s intention is to cultivate presence and self-awareness in the practitioner. Her teaching approach is mindful with an emphasis placed on establishing and maintaining an embodied awareness and receptivity throughout.

To find out about Nadia’s Candle-lit Monday Night Hatha Yoga Classes or Wednesday evening Yoga Classes please visit the Class Timetable Page. If you are Pregnant you may be interested in her Wednesday night Candle-lit Pregnancy Yoga Classes and her Mindful Birthing Course, or her highly acclaimed DVD. You may also be interested in her Doula Service Follow the various links in the menu bar to your page of choice.

Nadia also offers Private Classes across all her disciplines. If you are interested in one to one or small group lessons in any of the practices she teaches, please visit the Private Classes page and email Nadia@nadiaraafat.com

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“Forget your perfect offering, There’s a crack in everything, That is how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

Workshops & Retreats


“Nadia’s passion and knowledge is totally inspiring. She has a really good way of holding space — even with half of the students being online. Her presence is really warm yet also professional ensuring everyone felt included and held. Nadia was really clear in her approach and fantastic at laying out each session at the start of the day so we knew exactly where we were heading. The sessions always felt really well organised yet not too rigid and a fantastic mix of Nadia teaching and group discussions etc.”

“I thought it was great being offered a 121 as that hasn’t been offered on any other trainings I’ve done.”

“This is so much more than just a training for yoga teachers – so much love and time has been put into it and Nadia and the teams knowledge and passion just shone through. Every woman would benefit from doing this training! I felt held and supported and I’m stepping out of this training feeling confident and excited to share what I’ve learnt “KK

“I learned so much from Nadia and especially enjoyed the chakras/sounding session and the birth dancing”.

“I was really worried I wouldn’t fully benefit by doing it online but it worked really well!! I don’t feel like I missed out on not being in person apart from connecting with the group a bit more. “KK

“This is so much more than just a training for yoga teachers – so much love and time has been put into it and Nadia and the teams knowledge and passion just shone through. Every woman would benefit from doing this training! I felt held and supported and I’m stepping out of this training feeling confident and excited to share what I’ve learnt ” KK

“I absolutely loved Annie, and I’m sure the rest of the women doing the course agree! She has a fun, enthusiastic and caring energy about her but also came across as very practical and authoritative. “ ES

“This course came at a wonderful time for me (I was halfway through my second trimester when starting it) and not only has it made me feel healthy and energised in my pregnancy, it’s made me feel empowered about my labour and what comes next. Even though I was the only pregnant person in our group, I felt a real connection to the other women, too…and its a testament to the teachers that they could bring the world of pregnancy – what to expect, mentally, emotionally and physically, alive to us all.” ES

“I really enjoyed the Prenatal and Mindfulness course and feel empowered to bring its lessons into my own classes now! Each teacher brought a unique style and wealth of experience but whatever they were teaching, they did so with a wonderful energy and a passion that was infectious!”

“Nadia your course with your team behind you was absolutely incredible. It has opened up so many opportunities in our practice, teaching and our life’s! Thank you so much for bringing us altogether so grateful for the timing of it. Can’t wait to share! “

“I’m so grateful to be a YMPB graduate whoop whoop shouting from the rooftops!“

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Class Timetables

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Workshops & Retreats

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Doula Service

Helping Mothers to bring their babies peacefully and joyfully into the world.

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Thanks for all support in the various classes I’ve been to (pregnancy, birth prep, couples birth prep and mother & baby!). I’ve found the classes really invaluable at each stage and you provide a brilliant service to women in the area.
Francis Thomas
I just wanted to grab an opportunity to say a massive thank you for your amazing yoga classes which stood me in such great stead to have the birth I thought I could only dream about.
Hannah Lawes
I really think that all the prep I did with you was the reason I didn’t end up with a c-section or high forceps! He was almost there without intervention and all the exercises we did were the reason I was able to labour and then push for so long – and of course navigate the system and fend off the …
I have found your classes absolutely invaluable during my pregnancy so far (and so has my partner!) – thank you!
Victoria Harris
I so loved your classes too and definitely want to come back with Harry to do the mother and baby yoga.
Fiona Phillips
There is so much to get out of Nadia’s classes, the brilliant net-working, info sharing and of course the yoga all adds up to a fantastic service for pregnant women
Midwife, Annie Franics
I attended Nadia’s workshop before the birth of my first child and for me it was the best thing I did in preparation for the birth
Lucy Evans
A huge thank you for your inspirational classes And wise words on empowering yourself with Knowledge, we had such a great experience Delivering evie at home
Laura Hilton


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