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How to Become a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

How to Become a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Read an Expert's Guide to Choosing the Right Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Working with the pregnant community is a deeply rewarding job. As a yoga teacher, I have supported pregnant women for nearly two decades and I still LOVE my job. These days, I don't just teach pregnancy [...]

2023-05-15T22:44:53+01:00May 15th, 2023|

How to Keep Your Pregnant Students Safe In Your General Yoga Classes

How to Keep Pregnant Students Safe In Your General Yoga Classes Six Recommendations for Best Practice     This week I had two pregnant students in my general yoga classes; one was 26 weeks; second pregnancy, dog-tired but keen to move, stretch and release; the other was 36 weeks also second pregnancy; also tired but [...]

2023-10-11T14:55:59+01:00March 14th, 2023|

Avoid These 15 Pitfalls For a Physiological Birth

15 Things to Avoid In Pregnancy & Labour For a Physiological Birth ( There Are Some Surprises on Here) By Nadia Raafat If you really really want to experience a physiological birth, you are going to have to be really diligent with your consent and avoid a lot of situations that are presented as a [...]

2022-05-14T07:48:10+01:00May 13th, 2022|

Encouraging Pratyahara During Labour

Pratyahara during the Childbirth Process. This article was published the Brtish Wheel of Yoga Journal Spectrum (Winter, 2017) Pratyahara is the fifth of the eight limbs of yoga which together constitute the ashtanga yoga path as set out by Patanjali in the ancient Yoga Sutras. It is known as the forgotten limb. Certainly there has [...]

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If, for Childbirth by Nadia Raafat

If, for Childbirth If you can keep your faith when all about you Are losing theirs. Instilling fear in you; If you can trust your body’s ability to birth — when loved ones doubt you And know that this is what your body’s meant to do. If you can plan a due month not a due date, Remember babies [...]

2022-08-13T10:26:04+01:00September 6th, 2021|

Francoise Freedman – Interview

Francoise Freedman director of Birthlight International and medical anthropologist based at Cambridge University, author of many books, doula, teacher, mother of four and now a grandmother has inspired and trained literally thousands of teachers worldwide - including me. Her wisdom, her passion, her dedication, and her originality floor me.  She is truly an innovator and her contribution to pregnancy yoga, postnatal [...]

2021-09-03T14:00:36+01:00August 22nd, 2021|

Lolly Stirk Interview

In West London, where I lived through my first unplanned pregnancy, Lolly’s reputation preceded her. It was the early nougties, and pregnancy yoga was new and exciting. I had just discovered Janet Balaskas and the Active Birth Movement, bought the book and tried to find a Lolly class but to no avail. It was not until [...]

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Janet Balaskas Interview

Janet Balaskas is credited with starting the Active Birth Movement; a women's movement that led to fundamental change in British Obstetrics and childbirth preparation. The South African mother of four, who originally trained as an NCT teacher, founded Active Birth in response to the oppressive active management of obstetrics during the 80s and 90s. She is the author of many books on active birth and set up the Active [...]

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