Welcome to Motherhood

You’ve made it. The birth is now behind you.

It’s time to embrace the postnatal period. The first 12 weeks are a rollercoaster ride; incredible and also deeply challenging. Breastfeeding challenges, sleep deprivation, maternal guilt, maternal exhaustion, overwhelming feelings of love, just overwhelm straight, anxiety (am I doing this right), the baby blues, a sore back, tender nipples…these are just some of the normal experiences for a postnatal mama in the fourth trimester.

Let me support you on your journey with healing postnatal Yoga, Mindfulness and a non-judgemental Mothers circle every week as you spread your maternal wings and find your confidence.

Helping you to stay healthy, balanced and connected with your baby… 

even in those inevitable difficult moments…

Postnatal Yoga & Mindfulness Course LIVESTREAM

Tuesday 14 September to Tuesday 30 November, 10am-11.30am

12 week course – Join as soon as you are ready but only participate in the exercise portion after 6 weeks)

Cost: £180

Postnatal Yoga & Mindfulness

The postnatal period is one of great change and adjustment. Your body has performed the miracle of birth, your home-life has been turned upside down by the new arrival and you are careering somewhere between the elation of new motherhood and the exhaustion of all those sleepless nights. 

Postnatal yoga will help you to bring physical and emotional closure to the pregnancy and birth process and ease you into new motherhood surrounded by friends in a mutually supportive environment.

Physically, the post natal yoga exercises help the body to heal and close post delivery by supporting and strengthening the lower back, realigning the spine, toning the abdominal region, stabilising the pelvis and re-building core strength.

Post natal yoga also offers mothers a chance to nurture themselves and their babies through healing yoga breath work, visualization and gentle play. 

In this LIVESTREAM  90-minute class the emphasis is on yoga and mindfulness for you. Babies are welcome or if baby is sleeping, treat yourself to some healing self-care time.

Postnatal Yoga will form the first 40 minutes of each session, followed by 20 minute guided mindful meditation or yoga nidra, then enough time to grab a refreshment, before we gather in circle for the half-hour mindful mama check in. 

The facilitated circle will offer the opportunity to explore whatever is coming up for participants each week in a non-judgmental and compassionate way. We are holding the space for each other to explore what it means to be a mother  and how to mother from within.

You are ready for this livestream post natal session as soon as you feel ready. As there is no journey to make, you can join the relaxation and meditation plus circle from week one. Please wait until you are six weeks to begin the postnatal yoga practice.

This course is not available as a drop-in class.

Recordings will be available to all those who are booked onto the course.

About Your Teacher:

Nadia is a fully trained postnatal yoga teacher, baby yoga teacher and holistic pelvic healthcare trainer. She has also trained in the Mindful Motherhood programme with the Noetic Institute and facilitated Mindful Motherhood and attachment mothering circles for many years. Having taken a break from Postnatal wellness, she is delighted to offer this class on her teaching programme again as a follow on to her Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy Course.

You do not need to have attended the Pregnancy Course in order to join the postnatal.

Postnatal Yoga & Mindfulness LIVESTREAM

Tuesday 14 September to Tuesday 30 November, 10am-11.30am

Cost £180

Postnatal Yoga & Mindfulness

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