Mothers Wisdom Circle

Bringing Self-Awareness, Support and Community to Motherhood

With Nadia Raafat and Erin McGuigan

Date: Sunday Evenings 8-9.15pm 


If we want to experience empowered, healthy and happy motherhoods we need to look after our hearts and minds.
Motherhood is rewarding and challenging in equal measure; it elevates us but it also drags us down and unravels us.
Sleep deprivation, exhaustion, maternal guilt and anxiety all take their toll on our mental well-being.
Thats why we are offering this Mothers Wisdom circle as a place of community and support built on the foundations of the wisdom traditions of meditation, mindfulness and female wisdom.
  • This session is open to all who are mothers. Whether you are the mother of a new born, a toddler, a five year old, or. teen, you are welcome in this circle.
  • This circle is formed to support mothers through mindful listening and speaking, being with and holding space with non-judgement and compassion for the experience of motherhood
  • At the heart of this circle is the commitment to cultivate mental wellbeing through the practices and teachings of mindfulness, meditation and the female wisdom traditions.
  • At the heart of this circle is also the intention to honour the woman behind the mother; to welcome her to the group too.
Facilitated by two teachers, Nadia Raafat and Erin McGuigan, both mothers, who have spent the last 15 years supporting women on their journey to and through motherhood. They share a deep belief in the power of presence, of conscious female community and of honouring and supporting the mother.

Your Circle Facilitators:

Nadia Raafat

Nadia brings to this circle her own experience as group facilitator and participant, Mindful Motherhood group facilitator, yoga & meditation teacher, doula, postnatal educator and holistic pelvic health specialist.

Erin McGuigan

Erin brings to to this circle her experience as a women’s circle facilitator, red tent facilitator, pre-and post natal doula, infant feeding counsellor, child care provider and mama mentor.

What Happens in the Mothers Circle?

  • Each session will begin with a guided meditation and discussion around the theme or topic of the week. Sessions will be loosely themed but the facilitators will be happy to be guided by what is present each week in the group.
  • The circle with then open up to the community to share, ask questions, bring experience.
  • Each session will close with a blessing, prayer or offering form the female wisdom traditions.
  • Everything shared in the circle will be confidential.
Our hope is that through this community we are offering, women will find a place to speak from the heart, find compassion for themselves and others, learn ways to navigate the difficult moments of mothering with more equanimity and self-awareness and feel connected and supported by the community of mothers around them.
Sessions cost £15
Any questions about the circle please email