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28111315 – the seven main chakras and their meanings, which match perfectly onto the junctions of the flower-of-life-symbol – black background

This April join me online for  a 2 hour deep dive into the Chakras as we journey through the seven energetic intersections of the body and explore our spiritual anatomy.

The chakras are believed to be spinning vortices of energy located at key points of the subtle body which govern not only the operation and function of the physical body and its systems but also the behaviors, drives, and emotions that are associated with each chakra. The ancient yogis believed that the balance of these centres holds the key to our vibrant health and well-being and to our spiritual awakening. Understanding each chakra and how it relates to the physical body enables a much deeper connection to the experience and practice of Yoga

From grounding Muladhara, our primal chakra, which, among other things, governs our sense of personal safety and security, to the esoteric seventh chakra, the bridge between our physical self and the infinite mystery above us,  each of these seven energy centres offers a fascinating insight into the deeper and more subtle aspects of our being; from our relationship to sex and money to the way in which we represent ourselves in the world.

Whether you are working at the level of form and the body or can experience these centres more energetically or symbolically, this practice will unlock a new depth to your yoga practice. The two hour session will include a 30 minute chakras sound meditation at the end.

Please bring a journal to write down seven key questions to reflect on after the workshop is controlled.

For those who are new to the practice of Yin Yoga, it is a quiet cooling practice that uses predominantly seated and floor-based postures, which are held for minutes rather than just a few breaths. The long holds, with an emphasis on surrender and yielding of the body to mould itself with the pose, facilitate a deep release through the fascia, interconnective tissues and muscles and ligaments of the body. The time spent in the postures nourishes the joints, massages any relevant organs and stimulates the meridians (energy pathways) associated with each posture.  The cumulative effect of this slow and strong practice is a deep and delicious release right through the body and at all levels of the body.

Yin Yoga is for everyone irrespective of age. No experience is required.  Yin classes are open to new students and also to those not attending a regular practice with Nadia. If you are pregnant, postnatal (up to 1 year), or have any health issues please do get in touch with Nadia prior to booking to check this is suitable for you.

Please do bring warm clothes including socks to the session as your body temperature will lower through the course of the practice and it is important to stay warm.

I look forward to sharing this wonderful practice with you.

This Workshop is being hosted by Battersea Yoga Studio.

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