Yin Yoga


All evening Yin Classes take place via the ONLINE BatterseaYoga Platform


This slow and deeply grounding yoga practice is incredibly popular right now offering, as it does, a powerful antidote to the high cortisol levels modern living so often produces in our sensitive body/mind systems. Yin Yoga also offers a beautiful counter practice to the more yang or high energy focus of most regular hatha or vinyasa classes.

A Yin Yoga practice uses predominantly seated and floor-based postures, which are held for minutes rather than just a few breaths. The long holds, with an emphasis on surrender and yielding of the body to mold itself with the pose, facilitate a deep release through the fascia, interconnective tissues and muscles and ligaments of the body. The time spent in the postures nourishes the joints, massages any relevant organs and stimulates the meridians (energy pathways) associated with each posture.  The cumulative effect of this slow and strong practice is a deep and delicious release right through the body and at all levels of the body.

Yin Yoga’s greatest offering though perhaps is its profoundly mindful aspect. In the stillness of the pose, the practitioner attunes herself to her experience paying close attention to all the sensations, emotions/feelings and thoughts as they arise within her and investigating as a witness the arising experience but not participating in any of it. In this way, Yin Yoga offers an excellent training ground for developing witness consciousness, a state of mind intrinsic to both Yoga and Mindfulness.

Nadia combines Yin Yoga with Pranayama exercises (breath-work) and/or often with Yoga Nidra practices to assist you in developing and enhancing your body awareness and encouraging a free-flowing and effortless breath through the body..

Yin Yoga is for everyone irrespective of age. No experience is required.  Yin classes are open to new students and also to those not attending a regular practice with Nadia. If you are pregnant, postnatal (up to 1 year) or have any health issues please do get in touch with Nadia prior to attending a Yin class.

Please do bring warm clothes including socks to your Yin session as your body temperature will lower through the course of the practice and it is important to stay warm.

Nadia teaches Yin Yoga once a month at each of her two evening class venues. Please make a note of the Yin dates for the term below. To book a Yin class, please visit www.batterseayoga/timetable

On the day of your class, please turn up in warm comfortable clothing. All the equipment is provided.

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