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Childbirth is an incredible physiological process. When undisturbed by intervention, it arises steadily and gradually moves through the entire body/mind system leading to a complete transformation as the body opens to release the baby, the breasts produce food to feed the baby and the woman is hormonally transformed into mother— the archetype.This is the journey of the goddess; it is hormonally driven and it is available to every woman.

The Birth Goddess is present in each of us. When we put aside our fears, our own need to control the situation and open to this incredible transition, we will experience her; but first we need to learn how to ready the way. This process happens over a period of a few nights and days; it is transformational; it is an experience you never forget.  Let’s honour this beautiful rite of passage for the significant Life event it is.

This talk and practice session with movement practitioner, yogini, doula and childbirth educator Nadia Raafat will explore how we cultivate our inner birthing goddess so that we too can experience the uninterrupted flow of the childbirth experience; connect to its miraculous aspect, even in the clinical context of the modern obstetric ward, and co-create a childbirth experience we remember with joy and gratitude.

To register for this FREE event: Email your due date and location to Nadia@nadiaraafat.com

About Nadia:

Nadia offers two all-encompassing preparation pathways for pregnancy:

A 12  Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth Course – an immersive four month journey incorporating mindfulness training, pregnancy yoga, birth dancing and embodied birth preparation for you and your partner.

An 8 week Pregnancy Yoga Chakra Course which takes you on a deep journey via the seven energy centres of the body into a multidimensional experience of your pregnancy and prepares you to birth from within. The course incorporates yoga asana,  pranayama, mudra, affirmation, meditation and nada yoga. It is a rich and deep yoga experience.

She is a YAP registered Senior Yoga Teacher with many trainings in Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness behind her. She has practiced Yoga for 18 years and taught for 15. She has trained to teach pregnancy yoga, Birthlight,birth preparation Birthlight and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli,, postnatal yoga,YogaBirth baby yoga, birth dancing,Dancing for Birth,  biomechanics for birth with Spinning Babies,  and Optimal Birth  and many more besides.

Committed to deepening her own practice on all levels she has studied Yin Yoga more recently with US-based teacher Cyndi Lee, and Norman Blair, and practices with Susanne Lahusen, Alan Lowen, Tami Lyn Kent, Jane Dancey and the Embodied Philosophy Program.

Nadia is a trained and Doula-UK approved Birth Doula and has attended over 50 births over a period of 12 years supporting every type of birth experience. She offers doula support for women and couples based in south west London, West London and Surrey..

She is the author and producer of Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth – a five-class DVD program which has sold just under 1000 copies. She is course director and lead teacher on the Battersea Yoga Yoga and Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth teacher Training Programme as well as being the Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Trainer for the Yoga Teacher Training Programme @ MA&Y in London.

A former journalist, Nadia also writes on Pregnancy, Birth, and Yoga for various blogs and publications including MumfidentialMy Baba and Juno Magazine.

Yoga and mindfulness are intrinsically bound up with Nadia’s journey into and through motherhood. She has 4 children.

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