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“Between the stimulus and the response is a space and in that space lies your power and your freedom.”

Victor Frankel


Sunday 19 September: 9am-11am

This Workshop is a taster workshop for my Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training programme which I am running in October both online and in-person at BatterseaYoga Studio in London.


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Working with the pregnant community is deeply rewarding work. The privilege of accompanying and supporting women and pregnant people as they undertake this profound transformation and challenging journey enables you to discover just how powerful and meaningful yoga can be.

Women who practice yoga during pregnancy have longer pregnancies, shorter births, suffer less from anxiety and recover faster.  Alongside these benefits, pregnancy yoga has brought community to pregnancy through the sacred circle – be it online or in-person -providing support, grounding and nourishment at such a vulnerable time. 

But there’s one area that Pregnancy Yoga has not really addressed  – and that is the mental and emotional life of pregnancy.  With as many as 1-5  experiencing mental health issues during the perinatal period, supporting mental and emotional health has become a priority – especially since the pandemic.

This is what led me – after four pregnancies of my own and supporting many hundred of women as a birth doula and perinatal yoga teacher – to explore Mindfulness as an additional source of learning and support for pregnancy – alongside Yoga. Having run Mindful Motherhood circles for years and taught mindfulness and meditation courses, alongside pregnancy yoga and birth preparation, I felt that Mindfulness was the missing link.

Everyone struggles with the ‘activity’ of the mind. – but it is heightened during the perinatal year: thoughts of fear and anxiety about the pregnancy and birth journey are normal but deeply distressing; for most, the childbirth event is a time of intense physical and psychological discomfort; and, after the birth, all mothers struggle with sleep deprivation, breast-feeding challenges and adjustment to the radical change in lifestyle and identity that postnatal life brings. 

Given that we spend, consciously and unconsciously, most of our daily lives in our heads, learning to work with thoughts and their accompanying feelings, learning to unpack our beliefs and witness the effect of our conditioning upon our experience; understanding the architecture of the mind and its neuroplasticity is deeply empowering work. Learning to cultivate compassion and loving kindness off the mat, as well as on, towards ourselves, our babies, our partners and our carers  is what is needed in a birth culture where compassion has been compromised by control and suffering is rife.

Yoga & Mindfulness as a combined approach offers women a much deeper pregnancy and birth experience which addresses the emotional and psychological aspects of the transition as well as the physiological changes.

Whether you are a yoga teacher considering expanding your business to work with the pregnancy community, or whether you are already a pregnancy teacher but are interested in undertaking the Mindfulness journey so that you can offer this dual approach to your students, this FREE workshop is for you. During this workshop I will combines group and individual activities with experiential yoga and mindfulness practice, reflection, and enquiry as we explore the mental and emotional journey of pregnancy and how Yoga with Mindfulness can support it.

If you would like to experience a taste of this new approach to Pregnancy Yoga Teaching then please join me for this FREE taster workshop.

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Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth Teacher Training



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