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Ease Gently Into the Christmas Season

Two Hours of Yin Yoga followed by Yoga Nidra

Monday 5 December  2022 7-9pm

Cost £25

Join me for a nourishing yin yoga journey through the body, interspersed with small pockets of somatic movement to access and enliven restricted areas. Our goal is to nourish the joints, lengthen connective tissues, relieve stiffness, and bring quiet energy and awareness throughout the mind/body system.

75 minuets of Yin Yoga will be a followed by a Yoga Nidra journey through the chakras to cultivate a deeper cerebral connection with each chakra alongside deep mental release.

Yin Yoga is a soothing, healing yoga practice, characterised by floor-based and supported postures which nourish the joints, stretch and release the soft tissues of the body and heighten your embodied awareness. Yin Yoga leaves you feeling profoundly down-regulated and gently revitalized. Yin Yoga brings many benefits to the body including:

  • Lengthening connective tissue
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Boosting circulation
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Increasing Interoception

From s mental and emotional perspective, the practice down-regulates the nervous system, and therefore becomes deeply healing and nourishing. Through the static long holds, practitioners are guided to experience themselves mindfully; practising awareness of the breath; awareness of the fluctuating nature of their mind and of the distractions arising in the body. In this way it is an ideal preparation for meditation.

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) is an ancient meditation technique designed to bring the mind to its deepest state of relaxation through a series of guided practices. Within this state know as psychic sleep, we start to experience the ‘deeper’ features of the mind and also of yogic teachings. It is a beautiful healing practice that enables you to experience a rare expansiveness alongside deep rest.

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