Accommodating Pre & Postnatal Yoga Students in your General Classes

Certified 8 Hour Zoom Workshop Sun 26 March 0900-1600 BST

Online and Recorded.

Cost: £85

Booking via: The Yoga Teachers Forum

“Super useful, really interesting. Thank you so much for sharing that wisdom with us. 

J.P.  Attendee, Accommodating Pregnancy Safely in a General Class

This one-day online pregnant & postnatal training has been designed for all  yoga and pilates teachers, to give a strong skill set for understanding how to accommodate pregnancy and postnatal women in your general yoga classes

This training will not equip or certify you to offer pregnancy or postnatal yoga classes. It gives you the knowledge and confidence to welcome and maintain pregnant and postnatal students safely in your general classes.

This CPD, previously focusing only on pregnancy, has  has now been extended to include postnatal rehabilitation into general class settings as well.

Please note you ae able to attend either as a half-day student or a full-day student. Booking options for. both are available through the Yoga Teachers Forum website.


On this one-day online training you will learn:

  • The key physiological and hormonal changes in the first, second & third  trimester and how they affect yoga practice
  • Key contraindications and challenges in each trimester of pregnancy
  • Pranayama through the lens of pregnancy
  • Common pregnancy ailments and how to spot, support and refer on when necessary
  •  Use of language in accommodating pregnancy
  • Before and after care for your pregnant student
  • Health form considerations
  • You will explore a range of intelligent and creative modifications to offer your pregnant students that are suitable for the stage of pregnancy they are at whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester.


In the Postnatal afternoon section of the day, which can be attended separately, you will:

  • Discover some of the key structural issues experienced by postnatal women retruning to practice after childbirth or postnatal /baby yoga. These issues can include: weak pelvic floor, recovering scar tissue and ongoing prolapse issues alongside structural instability, back and shoulder pain and fatigue.
  • Learn how these conditions can imapct their practice and wellbeing and discover intelligent ways to modify and support them within the context of a general yoga class.
  • Learn the modifications in general yoga practice required for caesarean recovery.
  • Learn how to assess and refer (if necessary) diastastis recti –  and discover what postures and practices exacerbate the condition and conversely which support it.
  • Learn how to gradually and steadily guide your postnatal student to increasing strength and vitality at a pace that reflects her needs.

Ultimately this one day immersion is about equiping you with the knowledge and understanding to hold pregnant and postnatal students  in your general yoga classes with care and confidence so that they, in turn, feel seen, supported and can thrive.

The Course also Includes:

A down-loadable slide-presentation on pregnancy  A + P accessible via the Yoga Teachers Forum on the online learning platform.
Access to the workshop recording material on the learning platform for Yoga Teachers Forum
A Pregnancy health Form Template
A Pelvic Girdle Pain Lesson Plan Template

Course Certification

Your success in completing the Accommodating Pregnancy In a General Class  training will be celebrated with a Yoga Teachers Forum certificate recognised by major yoga organisations including YAP & BWY.  Contact hours 8

Feedback from Accommodating Pregnancy Safely in a General Class

Fantastic training. The teacher was clear , precise and explained the information so thatit could be easily used in a class enviroment. Highly recommend this course for those who want a little more confidence if yoga students become pregnant.”

Corinne Bethell, Attendee, Incorporating Pregnancy Yoga Into a General Class

“Fabulous amount of details.  Thanks!” S.B

“Thank you so much Nadia, amazing!  Incredibly useful!” F.C

This training is recorded for all participants and there will be a supportive online community for you where Nadia will be available to answer your questions and where she will be supplying support material.

Policies & Procedures For the full course policies and terms & conditions please click here.

Certified 8 Hour Zoom Workshop Sun 26 March 0900-1600 GMT

Cost £85

Book Your Place via The Yoga Teachers Forum

This one-day CPD is one Module from the YAP and FEDANT certified 100 Hour Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth Teacher Training Programme which will run in September 2023. Join the Waiting List Here.