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This 90-minute free online pregnancy yoga workshop with pregnancy yoga teacher, childbirth educator and birth doula Nadia Raafat will introduce you to the key movements and postures to practice during labour to facilitate effective foetal descent and pave teh way for a shorter easier labour.

Whether your baby is head down, head up, presenting on the left, right, or posterior, there are biomechanical solutions to improve your baby’s position both before and during labour.

This workshop will show you how to use your body with awareness to maintain optimum positioning, resolve any malpositioning and proceed onwards towards a normal birth.

From forward-leaning inversions to the dangle practices and from reaching up and baby drops to birth ball remedies, Nadia will show you her top ten positions for a more comfortable and more effective labour.

This special online pregnancy event is suitable for stages 2 and 3 in pregnancy.

Modifications will be suggested for those with pregnancy complications like groin pain, PGP and placenta previa.

15 minutes will be allocated at the end of the workshop to answer any questions you may have about the practices shared. If you know you have a question you would love Nadia to answer for you, please email her before ethe workshop with your question, or add it to the chatbox during the session itself.

This workshop is the second in a series of two free online workshops Nadia is offering to the online pregnancy community.

This LIVE session will be FREE. The recorded version will be available for sale at a later date via Nadia’s website.

Nadia has been teaching Yoga and especially Perinatal Yoga for 16 years. She has trained with Sivananda Vedanta School of Yoga, Satyananda School of Yoga, British Wheel of Yoga, Birthlight, YogaBirth, the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY), Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Spinning Babies, Dancing for Birth, Michel Odent, and many more international teachers bedsides. She is also a practicing Birth Doula and has attended over 50 births over a period of 12 years and has supported every type of birth experience. She is the author and producer of Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth – a five-class DVD program which has sold just under 1000 copies and the author and teacher of her signature 12 week Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth Course . This course uses mindfulness training, journaling and self-exploration as well as the teachings and practices of Hatha and Tantra Yoga alongside traditional and evidence-based Birth Preparation to support women on their pregnancy journey and prepare them for childbirth. This course is now available online.

A former journalist, Nadia also writes on Pregnancy, Birth, and Yoga for various blogs and publications including Mumfidential, My Baba and Juno Magazine.

Nadia is passionate about offering women the opportunity to use the radical physical transformation of pregnancy as a portal to an equally radical inner transformation and inner preparation for the incredible experience of Childbirth and Becoming a Mother.

Nadia is a mother of 4.

To book your place on this free online workshop all you need to do is email your gestation and location to Nadia@nadiaraafat.com

See you online soon.

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