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Welcome to the Empowered Birthing Mother Summit

In the first summit of this kind we have gathered together a panel of international teachers and therapists, writers and speakers to help empower you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood.


This brand new event features exciting workshops, presentations and discussions over the two days on prenatal yoga; therapeutic counseling guidance techniques; women’s rights and maternal journaling inspiration; pregnancy photography tips, recipes for optimal nutrition & digestive health during pregnancy, shamanic insights into birth as transformation; sophrology – “dynamic relaxation” & homeopathic self-prescribing for pregnancy & birth. Discover new practices, techniques, ideas and infomration to guide you on your maternal journey.

Join an ever-growing pregnant community to tap into online and stay connected to even after the event is over.

Meet the Empowered Birthing Summit Team 2020

Candice,  www.greendaisies.co.uk

Homeopathic Self-Prescribing for Pregnancy & Birth

Candice Joyce is a qualified Homeopathic Practitioner. Her practice is Greendaisies Homeopathy based in the London Borough of Richmond-Upon- Thames, however, she consults throughout the UK and Internationally. Candice will be introducing the invaluable support of Homeopathic Self-Prescribing for Pregnancy & Birth. Join her for an introduction to Homeopathy and how remedies can be used safely for Mother-to-Be during pregnancy and to assist in childbirth.

Dominique, Founder of BeSophro – www.be-sophro.com

Sophrology for a Calm, Empowered and Happy Pregnancy

Discover and practice Sophrology, a modern and dynamic form of meditation that uniquely combines breathing, relaxation, visualisation and body awareness to help you navigate pregnancy’s ups and downs, positively deal with stress, and mentally prepare for birth and motherhood. Dominique Antiglio is an acclaimed Sophrologist and author of the bestselling book “ The Life Changing Power of Sophrology”

Vanessa – thepregnancypantry.com

Digestive Health During Pregnancy

Vanessa Liney: founder and creator of The Pregnancy Pantry, a site dedicated to health, lifestyle and nutrition during pregnancy. Vanessa will be discussing Digestive Health throughout pregnancy and offering tips and advice as well as providing a downloadable eBook packed full of useful information and recipes to support a healthy digestive system.




Andrea – www.thegaiahealer.com

Spiritual Transformation of Childbirth

Andréa is a shamanic practitioner and a healer. Through private healing sessions, Women’s Circles, and Rite of Passage Ceremonies, Moon Ceremonies, and teachings, The Gaia Healer empowers women to reclaim the sacredness of our female bodies, to reconnect with the sacred feminine wisdom, and prepare for the transformative journey of birth


Valentina www.photograface.com

Valentina Rebeschini is an award-winning photographer specialising in maternity and newborn photography based in west London. She is a pro member of the British Association of Newborn Photographers (BANPAS), which promotes safe working practices with newborn and baby photography. She will talk about the importance of maternity photography and the impact these images have on women and will guide you step by step in taking some self-portraits of your beautiful bump!




Nadia Raafat – www.nadiaraafat.com


Nadia Raafat is a YA Senior Registered Yoga Teacher with 5000 hours teaching experience. She teaches Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga and Mindful Birth Preparation. She has also been a practising Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator for the past ten years.

She launched her Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth Course 6 years ago and is the author/producer of Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth DVD.

Nadia will be sharing her 10 Key Postures and Movements to Practice During Pregnancy for an Easier Labour. This 90 minute movement class is open to everyone from 14- 42 weeks. Nadia will offer modifications for common pregnancy challenges including PGP, Sciatica and Placenta Previa.


Julie Morris – nurtureyourtime.com

Julie has been a practicing antenatal teacher and postnatal counsellor for ten years running courses for NCT and St Georges Hospital and offering one postnatal doula support. She is also a trained therapeutic counsellor and supports her clients to cope with areas of their life that currently create anxiety and depression. For the Empowered Birthing Mother Summit Julie will offer suggestions and coping skills to raise awareness for anxiety triggers such as feeding, adjusting to change, protecting relationships and retaining your identity as a woman whilst embracing motherhood”


Amy – www.vivabirth.com

Amy is a Visual Artist, Curator, Birth Worker and Birth Activist. She is the founder of Desperate Artwives, a platform to support women artists who are also mothers, and the founding mother of the Maternal Journal.

Amy is also a Hypnobirthing teacher and in training to become a Doula. Passionate about supporting Maternal Rights, Amy is Maternity Voices Partnership co-chair for Chelsea and Westminster and West Middlesex hospitals.

Amy will be presenting on the importance of womensbody autonomy and good maternity communication. She will also introduce the Maternal Journal as a tool for perinatal self-care helping restore some balance around the new feelings and challenges we might experience, both physically and emotionally, through pregnancy, birth and new parenthood.

During This Event You Will Discover:

  • Practices to maintain good strength, flexibility and ease in your pregnant body
  • Tools for addressing the challanging emotions and mental habits that accomoany pregnancy and birth
  • New ways to approach fear and pain
  • A new approachto meditation
  • Remedies and recipes for pre and postnatal maternal wellbeing
  • Remedies for the common symptoms of pregnancy
  • How to bring a spiritual dimension to your birth
  • How to connect with your power as a woman
  • How to build your self-esteem as a mother , and create a deeper sense of connection to you and your baby
  • The connection between self awareness and maternity activism
  • How to write a postnatal plan
  • How to prepare for an empowered birth and postnatal journey

A Message From The Organisers:

Our deepest wish is that every pregnant woman approach her birth feeling informed, supported from within and without, connected to her body and her baby and empowered to make the choices that are right for her baby and her unique circumstances – especially during these difficult times.

Change in the maternity culture and system will only happen by educating and empowering mothers – one mother at a time.

Let’s Empower Pregnant Women and Mothers to Birth in Power and Mother with Confidence.

The Empowered Birthing Mother summit is for you if…

  • You have a baby in your belly and want a positive birth experience.
  • You want to learn how to prepare your body as best you can for the physical experience of childbirth.
  • You want to learn how to remain calm and relaxed during the labour process and long nights of new mothering.
  • You are keen to learn how to get the best from the maternity system. 
  • You want to know how to protect your baby and birth from Covid-related interventions
  • You want to learn your birth-rights and be informed about your choices in childbirth.
  • You want to learn how to nourish your body and baby during pregnancy.
  • You would like to learn some key breathing techniques for labour and birth.
  • You are keen to learn how to support yourself through the challenges of the postnatal period?
  • You believe childbirth is sacred.
  • You want to explore the spirituality of childbirth and becoming a mother.
  • You are interested in homeopathy and natural remedies in pregnancy and birth
  • You want to connect with a community of pregnant women 
  • You wish to be as informed as possible on your journey to motherhood?
  • You believe that childbirth should not be a traumatic experience?
  • You want to learn how to capture your birth and baby with stunning photographs
  • You are a birth professional or educator interested in empowering your clients

    Tickets are available here: Eventbrite/BirthingMotherSummit

Tickets Cost just £15 for the Two Day Event, £10 for a single day.


The Doula UK Access Fund enables women in compromised situations to access doula support.

If you can’t attend live on both mornings, not a problem because as soon as you book your ticket you will receive automatic access to the recording after the event. This means you can return to the workshops and talks as many times as you like.


 Feeling safe and calm, informed and resourceful, confident and powerful as you embark on your labour and birth journey is the dream of every pregnant woman but it does not happen by itself. Take the first steps towards empowerment and join us this November online.




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