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In this 90-minute yin yoga workshop, Nadia will offer an introduction to one of yoga’s deeper and more powerful, spiritual systems in the chakras, blended with the powerful somatic and internally-focused practice of yin yoga.

Through the stimulation of our physical bodies at each of the seven key energy centres, or Chakras, we will access our interior world and develop awareness and understanding of the way our energetic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies interplay with each other, within relationship with others, and with the environment.

If you are new to the chakras then expect to wake up to a deeper understanding of your subtle body; the interplay between the aspects of your whole self, and what you can do to refine your living experience and bring about greater flow and harmony in your Life.

Yin Yoga

A Yin Yoga practice uses predominantly seated and floor-based postures, which are held for minutes rather than just a few breaths. The long holds, with an emphasis on surrender and yielding of the body to mould itself with the pose, facilitate a deep release through the fascia, interconnective tissues and muscles and ligaments of the body. The time spent in the postures nourishes the joints, massages any relevant organs and stimulates the meridians (energy pathways) associated with each posture.  The cumulative effect of this slow and strong practice is a deep and delicious release right through the body and at all levels of the body.

Yin Yoga’s greatest offering though perhaps is its profoundly mindful aspect. In the stillness of the pose, the practitioner attunes herself to her experience paying close attention to all the sensations, emotions/feelings and thoughts as they arise within her and investigating as a witness the arising experience but not participating in any of it. In this way, Yin Yoga offers excellent training for meditation

Combining this inner investigative practice of Yin along the path of the Chakras from the lowest primal center to the highest spiritual center is a powerful mind/body experience that may produce some revelations and profound connections along the way.

Your Teacher

Nadia is a YAP senior registered yoga teacher with over 16 years of teaching experience. She originally trained with Sivananda Vedanta School of Yoga, went on to complete a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Satyananda School of Yoga and a further teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga, Originally trained as a rhythmic gymnast and a passionate five rhythms dancer, Nadia’s yoga teaching style is influenced by many different approaches and teachers including the somatic awareness and experimentation of Susane Lauhusen, the bold spirituality and feminity of Siena Sharman and the non-dualistic teachings of Sally Kempton. She has studied yin yoga with Cyndi Lee and with yin author and teacher Norman Blair. Her great passion is adapting the practices and teachings of yoga for the profound journey of pregnancy & birth which she has completed four times.

Booking for this workshop is through Battersea Yoga Studio.




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