What does the course include?

The course includes: * Digital teaching manual * Free classes at Battersea yoga during the course * Battersea Yoga tote bag (in-person students) It doesn’t include any of the suggested readings or vouchers to attend classes outside Battersea Yoga

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How much homework is there?

The Yoga and Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth teacher training course is a combination of practical and written assessments and a final examination . After each module, reading and small amounts of written work are set. Students will be asked to keep a short meditation and self-inquiry diary, attend pregnancy/mindful/hypnotherapy/birth preparation classes for the weeks [...]

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What happens if I become pregnant?

In the event that you become pregnant, the teacher training administration and teachers undertake to be as flexible as possible and support you to work out the best way forward.

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What happens if I miss a session?

All sessions will be live-streamed and recorded. In the event that you miss a session of the training, you will be able to watch the recording later in the day. You can also arrange an in person catch up session with a teacher. In this case you will need to agree on a catch up [...]

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I am not a yoga teacher, can I still do this training?

Absolutely. The course is not only for yoga teachers but also for childbirth educators, midwives, doulas, mindfulness teachers and hypnotherapists however, it is important to understand that in order to teach Pregnancy Yoga Classes you must have a previous certification in Yoga.

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