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Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy, Birth and Early Motherhood

CPD Workshop for Yogas Nidra Teachers working with Maternity

Sunday 25 Feb, 10am – 4pm Online

Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy

The unique experience of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period with its requirements of deep trust, enduring patience, bodily intimacy and psychic surrender necessitate deep preparation.

Cultivation of an intimate inner life is the domain of yogas nidra. Through its various stages, yoga nidra for pregnancy offers a pathway for deep mental relaxation and intimate bodily self-awareness, with all the benefits which accompany that, including enhanced mother-baby connection, bodily trust and enhanced birth visioning capacity. The cumulate effect is an inner life that is more aware and more stable.

Working with the subconscious, as yoga nidra for pregnancy does, also enables the mother to explore the landscape of her mind and its capacity for creative will and manifestation. The need for the reclamation of the pregnant mind and the cultivation of personal will and trust is greater than ever in the face of soaring intervention rates and a critical reduction in physiological birth..

Yoga nidra for pregnancy offers an easy and sustaining psychic support for pregnant mothers as they navigate the anxieties of late pregnancy, the tumultuous waves of labour and the challenges of the postpartum period.

This one day training, for certified yoga nidra teachers will focus-in with depth and clarity on each of the steps of the classical yoga nidra path and demonstrate how to adapt them to optimise intimate bodily awareness, mother and baby connection, creative birth visioning and sustaining maternal self care.

A previous yoga nidra training is required to attend this CPD. Value (7 Hours)

Cost: £95

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About Your Teacher

Nadia is a senior yoga teacher and registered teacher trainer (YAP & FEDANT), perinatal and pelvic health specialist. She is an experienced birth doula practising with for over 15 years supporting women through the birth and postpartum journey. She teaches Mindfulness, Meditation  and Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy as key skills for supporting the inner life of pregnancy and motherhood. Working with Pregnancy at Depth:

Have you considered the In-Depth 100 hr certified Yoga Teachers & Birth Professionals training in Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth. This training attracts not just yoga teachers wanting to move into the pregnancy and postal field, but doulas, midwives, counsellors and womb healers wanting to deepen their knowledge base and work with Nadia and her amazing team of teachers. The next training will take place in September 2024.

Also check out Nadia’s  40 Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher and Birth Professionals Training The Maternity Chakras begins in April 2024. This is a deeply personal as well as professional journey through the energy centres of the body mind experience and their implication for experiencing, healing and supporting the pregnancy, birth and post partum journey.

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