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Spring Chakra Tune-Up Eel Pie Island

Saturday, April 20 2024

Join Nadia Raafat this Spring on beautiful Eel Pie Island for a total Chakra immersion

Can you feel the sap rising as winter turns towards spring and the rains move on. It’s time to spring-clear the energy body and open towards abundance on all fronts and plains of experience.

This gatheirng will be devoted to the Chakras – a body of knowledge devoted to energy flow, that I find deeply supportive and endlessly intriguing.

Modern science is discovering our body has an energetic flow that gives rise to the overall health of our body/mind system. The ancient yogis knew this and called this system the chakras.

Whether you are coming to the chakras for the first time, or regularly work with your own chakras, this half-day retreat is the perfect opportunity to tend your subtle terrain and reconnect with your unique chakra map.

Using projected visuals, yantra, sound, asana, pranayama, visualisation and yoga nidra, we will take a journey through the chakras;  introducing each chakra; its iconography, its location, domain, significance and expression within our body, mind and energy systems.

In a meandering and extended 2.5 hour physical practice session, we will visit each chakra moving, chanting and visualising to awaken and experience each of the seven key energy centres discovering our own personal relationship with each chakra along the way. This will be followed by an extended Yoga Nidra session taking you on an inner journey through the chakras.

This Chakra Immersion workshop will give you a solid foundation in embodied chakra knowledge so that you can use this knowledge moving forwards whether on the mat, in practice, to balance and stimulate each chakra, where needed, or off the mat and in your own deeper personal self-enquiry and awakening.

Working with the chakras is engaging, productive and deeply rewarding. As we move from the physical to the subtle we learn to experience ourselves in a new way.

Ultimately yoga is an energy practice; finding familiarity in the energy body and your own field will take your practice to a deeper and more subtle level.

This half-day introduction will ready the way for the option of a much deeper weekly journey into the chakras in the spring/summer term.

As always this event will be a wonderful opportunity to come together with old friends, make new ones, connect with ourselves and each other and remember our unity and community.

Delicious homemade snacks will be provided.

I hope you will join me this Spring on Eel Pie Island.

Total Cost £70

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About Eel Pie Island

Eel Pie Island is a small private island accessed via a footbridge from Twickenham riverside and across the water from Richmond. It is home to a large artist’s community and an array of wonderfully eccentric and curious properties as well as a really colourful rock n roll history. At Springtime, the Island is lush and covered in flowers – a wonderful place to spend an afternoon connecting with nature and welcoming spring into our own bodies and minds.

It is easily accessible by all forms of transport; walking distance from Twickenham station and a stones throw from the High Street, served by many bus routes. Metered parking is also widely available.

I look forward to celebrating Yoga, Community and Spring-time with you there.



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About Nadia:


Nadia is a senior registered yoga teacher and teacher trainer with 20 years of teaching experience. She teaches hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga alongside yoga nidra, meditation and mindfulness. She has a special interest in the Chakras. Nadia is also a holistic pelvic health specialist and a perinatal specialist.

Nadia’s yoga is creative, fluid and somatically-informed.She will keep you engaged and gently challenged from all perspectives. “As a movement teacher, I am always discovering fresh, and new ways of embodying and experiencing ourselves. All my classes are infused with mindful awareness and the teachings of yoga philosophy.”


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