Obstacles to Emergence in Childbirth: And How to Overcome Them

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For The Pregnant Community and Birth Professionals Interested in the Preparation and Support of the Emergence Phase of Childbirth

What do you do if you suspect you have a hypertonic pelvic floor? Given that so many women today exercise intensely, this is a common scenario even within the yoga community – how might it affect childbirth?

Or what about those women who have had an epidural during labour and are unsure how to push or what positions are available to them?

Then there are the birth attendances who feel the pressure of the ticking clock on the mother to produce a baby. What might you to do to hold the space of the emergence phase of childbirth when it is slow and steady?

Too many labours are interrupted during the second stage. Either instruments are brought in, synthetic oxytocin is sometimes used to augment and push the labour forwards, pressure is put on the mother to get the baby out within a limited time frame usually using a more aggressive breathing technique.

All these come with the increased threat of tearing, episiotomy and or haemorrhaging. Then there are the second stage C-sections – often deeply upsetting for the mother who has got herself so close and yet must now deal with the consequences of the uterine scar.

The reasons for intervention at this stage are varied and each is worth exploring as, with knowledge, many of these potential situations can be averted or the impact lessened. As with so much in birthing, knowledge is central to empowerment.

In this three-hour deep dive into the Emergence phase we will explore many of the common obstacles to the Emergence phase from mid-labour VEs to a hypertonic pelvic floor and from birthing positions and biomechanical remedies to advocacy for slow labours. We will also look closely at context and how to navigate yourself/your clients  with autonomy and dignity through this phase of the labour.

Calling on pregnancy yoga practice, biomechanics for birth, nada yoga, practical birthing knowledge and birthing inner wisdom alongside advocacy knowledge as well as birth from the energetic perspective, we will unpack the emergence phase and navigate some of its common obstacles together so that you feel informed, empowered and better able to prepare to birth your baby with trust and in power. Or better support your clients on their own birth journeys.

This workshop is suitable for the pregnant community, and birth professionals including , doulas midwives and birth support people.

Workshop Cost: £45

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About Your Teacher

Nadia is a YAP Senior Registered Yoga Teacher. She has been teaching Yoga and Perinatal Yoga for 18 years. She is a YAP & FEDANT registered teacher trainer and her Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth Teacher training is already regarded as one of the richest pregnancy yoga training programmes available.

Nadia also works as a practicing Birth Doula and has attended 60 births over a period of 15 years. She trusts physiological birth deeply and is committed to supporting this great event as a transformational rite of passage for all involved.

Nadia is the author and producer of Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth – a five-class DVD program which has sold just under 1000 copies and the author and teacher of her signature 12 week Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth Course .

Nadia is also a trained holistic pelvic health practitioner and has trained with among others  Leslie Howard, Liz Koch, Tami Kent and Jane Dancey.

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