Birthing Pregnancy Yoga (OM Magazine, September 2021)

The drive and vision of three female yoga pioneers, Janet Balaskas, Lolly Stirk and Francoise Freedman, initiated a movement that transformed childbirth and laid the foundations for pregnancy yoga in the UK today. Here, they talk to Nadia Raafat about their early yoga experiences, inspirations, pregnancies and births.   Janet Balaskas Active Birth (activebirthcentre.com) How [...]

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Yoga for Labour – A Teachers Workshop

Offering practices and movements that are biodynamic and effective during labour is the ultimate aim for teachers of Pregnancy Yoga. It's the end point of the pregnancy yoga journey, where the mother now draws on everything she has learned to support her through the childbirth adventure. Yoga for Labour offers a blueprint for embodied and [...]

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This Free 90-minute online workshop with Yoga Teacher, Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula Nadia Raafat will take you on a journey through the chakras and reveal their profound significance for the Pregnancy and Birth experience.

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Empowered Birthing Mother Summit

  Welcome to the Empowered Birthing Mother Summit In the first summit of this kind we have gathered together a panel of international teachers and therapists, writers and speakers to help empower you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood.   This brand new event features exciting workshops, presentations and discussions over [...]

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Bringing Mindfulness to Pregnancy Yoga – CPD Workshop for Yoga Teachers

Becoming Mother's Nadia Raafat is delighted to offer (in conjunction with Birthlight) for the second time this year her one day training: Bringing Mindfulness to Pregnancy Yoga  - a CPD for Pregnancy Yoga teachers and trainee teachers at the Synchroncity Yoga Studios in south London Pregnancy Yoga is inherently a mindful practice cultivating self-awareness and self-knowledge, [...]

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