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Becoming Mother’s Nadia Raafat is delighted to offer (in conjunction with Birthlight) for the second time this year her one day training: Bringing Mindfulness to Pregnancy Yoga  – a CPD for Pregnancy Yoga teachers and trainee teachers at the Synchroncity Yoga Studios in south London

Pregnancy Yoga is inherently a mindful practice cultivating self-awareness and self-knowledge, expanding the mind as it opens the body.  A Pregnancy Yoga class is the perfect platform in which to convey the powerful and transformative teachings of Mindfulness which compliment the teachings of Yoga and which can have such a positive impact on the journey of a woman to Motherhood through labour birth and the early Post Natal period.

This workshop introduces the essential skills of mindfulness including Embodiement, Awareness, Acceptance and Presence and explores how to incorporate them into your pregnancy yoga teaching and specifically to your teaching of yoga around childbirth and new motherhood. During the day Nadia will also offer a platform and pathway for introducing meditation practice to your class and your clients and for empowering them to establish their own regular home practice.

There will be references to the the teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche 

By learning to teach these valuable mindfulness practices and incorporate meditation into your pregnancy yoga classes you will deepen the quality of the teaching you offer, and pass on a precious body of knowledge to your mothers with many benefits for them including:

  • transforming the birthing and mothering experience
  • enabling the mothers to really listen and hear the communications of their own bodies and to develop trust in their maternal instinct
  • reducing mental anxiety during pregnancy and childbirth
  • reducing fear during pregnancy and child-birth
  • enabling a deeper fuller connection with their unborn babies
  • deepening their yoga practice
  • strengthening their inner focus and expand their inner awareness
  • reducing postnatal depression
  • instilling confidence in their mothering

This CPD one day workshop for pregnancy yoga teachers and childbirth educators is hosted by Birthlight – the worlds leading perinatal yoga teacher training organisation. All participants will receive a Birthlight certificate of attendance on this CPD course.

Course Cost: £65 Birthlight Members / £80 non-birthright members

Course Venue: Synchronicity Studios, London

Booking via: https://www.birthlight.com/TrainingDetail.aspx?id=987

Nadia is a birth doula, a yoga and meditation teacher, a birth dancing teacher, and a birth educator.

Over an 11 year period Nadia has experienced four births of her own, supported tens of women as a birth doula and taught hundreds of women pregnancy yoga and birth education. She has developed a 10 week Mindful Birth Preparation programme that is built on a strong foundation of yoga and mindfulness. She has also written and produced the first DVD programme for Pregnancy combining Yoga and Mindfulness which Francoise has personally endorsed. Nadia is the facilitator of the Positive Birth Movement’s  Clapham branch and is passionate about preparing and supporting women on all levels of their being as they transition to and through Motherhood.




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