Birthing Pregnancy Yoga (OM Magazine, September 2021)

The drive and vision of three female yoga pioneers, Janet Balaskas, Lolly Stirk and Francoise Freedman, initiated a movement that transformed childbirth and laid the foundations for pregnancy yoga in the UK today. Here, they talk to Nadia Raafat about their early yoga experiences, inspirations, pregnancies and births.   Janet Balaskas Active Birth (activebirthcentre.com) How [...]

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Yoga for Labour – A Teachers Workshop

Offering practices and movements that are biodynamic and effective during labour is the ultimate aim for teachers of Pregnancy Yoga. It's the end point of the pregnancy yoga journey, where the mother now draws on everything she has learned to support her through the childbirth adventure. Yoga for Labour offers a blueprint for embodied and [...]

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10 Pregnancy Yoga Essentials For an Easier Labour Saturday 16 May, 11AM (GMT) JOIN THIS FREE ONLINE PREGNANCY YOGA WORKSHOP This 90-minute online pregnancy workshop will introduce you to key breath and movement practices for Pregnancy which will prepare your body now for an easier labour. From yoni mudra and the ocean breath to the [...]

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