Yoga Fundamentals Course

Autumn Term 2021

Friday 17 September to Friday 3 December, 10am-11.30am

This new 10-week Yoga Fundamentals course is an opportunity to explore some of the principles that underlie asana practice and enable a deepening of the yoga experience.

Each of these principles has the capacity to unlock and enrich the inner experience of your asana practice:

During each 75-minute asana class, we will take one yoga fundamental principle each week and explore how it informs and guide your practice:

  • Grounding and Embodiement
  • Stepping into and residing in the body temple
  • Relationship with Breath
  • Moving from the centre
  • Inner Alignment
  • Exploring from within the Form of the Posture
  • The Space Around You
  • Trusting the Inner Teacher and Self-Exploration
  • How you Practice is How you Live
  • Mantra and Yoga Practice

The Yoga Fundamentals course is open to beginners and intermediates.

Cost: £120

Yoga Fundamentals

Yoga Fundamentals Course

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