Winter Term 2023

Yin Yoga for Winter Restoration

Monday Evenings, 8pm-9.15pm Online

Monday 9 January to Monday 27 March 2023,

As Winter draws in, it is time to live more seasonally and practice ourselves turning inwards, and living in alignment with what the cold and the dark  requires of us. This is the energy of Yin; stillness, darkness, inwardness.

Winter is the season for recovering  and rejuvenating. Through the Winter term, every Monday we will take a step back from productivity and prioritise being with a 90 minute Yin Yoga Practice supported with gentle somatic movement to stimulate prana and vitality in the body followed by guided relaxation and Yoga Nidra (Psychic Sleep).

Yin Yoga is a floor-based quiet posture practice which priorities long-holds and mindful awareness to encourage a lengthening of the connective tissues and a deepening interoception through continuous internalised attention. It is an ideal preparation for meditation practice.

Yin Yoga improves flexibility throughout the body, down-regulates the nervous system and encourages energetic rebalancing. It is a soothing, healing practice that will heighten your senses, provide you with space to re-connect with yourself in a deep and revealing way and leave you feeling profoundly revitalized.

To practice Yin comfortably and effectively, it is useful, but not necessary to have the following props to hand:

One or two blankets, a cushion, a bolster, a belt and two yoga bricks. All the equipment can be obtained via

Course Cost: £180

Payment Possibilities:

Book Full 12 Week Course £180

Single Drop-In Session £20

5 Class Discount Pass (Valid In Wednesday and Thursday class as well):£75

10 Class Discount (Pass Valid In Wednesday and Thursday class as well: £150)