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A Space For Pregnancy Yoga Teachers to Thrive


Pregnancy Yoga Teachers are channels not only for the life-enhancing teachings and practices of Yoga but also for the ancient female wisdom and birthing knowledge that is our collective legacy and the source of our strength as women.

More than ever, teaching and supporting women on the journey to motherhood calls for unfolding and ever-deepening stability within oneself, a vibrant pulsating spiritual inquiry and practice, and a fierce commitment to the liberation of childbirth from fear and ignorance.

Pregnancy Yoga Teachers Sadhana is a space for pregnancy yoga teachers of all experience and disciplines to come together in community as loving powerful women committed to self-inquiry and self-development. We are here for each other helping each other to grow roots as facilitators, guides and channels for the teachings we carry and the women we guide.

You might be a new teacher keen to immerse yourself in the world of pregnancy yoga, learn from other more experienced teachers, and build your professional practice; you might be a senior teacher wanting to reach out to a broader community; you might simply want to learn how other teachers approach and navigate some of the challenges all pregnancy yoga teachers face today.

Pregnancy Yoga Teachers Sadhana warmly welcomes you.



Hello, I have been practicing as a pregnancy yoga teacher for 15 years and a birth doula for 12. I have taught pregnancy yoga, birth preparation, postnatal yoga and mum and baby yoga to 1000s of women online and in person.  Being a pregnancy yoga teacher is deeply satisfying work; not only do we get to be channels for Yoga but we are blessed to accompany women at this incredibly powerful and vulnerable time in their loves. It can also be deeply challenging work too with a constant need for new customers to keep our business thriving plus a whole heap of trauma and health issues to be aware of as we hold space for women experiencing and processing all kinds of births.

Over the years I have watched pregnancy yoga evolve. Like its great mother practice, pregnancy yoga too has been influenced by other areas; somatics, tantra, mindfulness, dance, trauma work all have contributed to this shifting evolving body of knowledge. It is an exciting time to be tecahing. I am also aware of how isolating pregnancy yoga teaching can be compared to the plethora of professional development workshops and programs available for yoga teachers.

Pregnancy Yoga Teachers Sadhana is born of two desires: the first; to bring together pregnancy yoga teachers so that we can collectively deepen and broaden our teaching and professional horizons, and secondly; to enable an arena where the issues and challenges that arise in our classes can be explored and solutions arrived at. Collectively we are strong, informed and resilient.

If this resonates with you and you would like to be part of the Pregnancy Teachers community then drop me an email and introduce yourself.  I will add you to the teachers mailing list and you will receive an invite to the next Pregnancy Yoga Teachers Monthly Sadhana.

We meet monthly for 90-minute sessions – each session, facilitated by me, offers an opportunity for meditation, contemplation and discussion around the many themes and challenges that face pregnancy yoga teachers.

All sessions take place online via Zoom so that you can join from anywhere in the UK.

Sessions are recorded and the audio recording is made available to everyone that has registered and booked the session.

Sessions cost £10.

To register please send me your email to along with a little info about your pregnancy teaching experience and location. and I will add you to the mailing list.

To book your place each month simply click the payment button below.

November Session UPDATE

In light of the lock-down and closure of pregnancy classes. I have decided to change the content for our November gathering to support pregnancy yoga teachers with moving your classes and offerings online.

This is a FREE session. Register your interest at: and you will receive the link

Saturday  21 November

9.30-10 am

Ten Valuable Practices for Online Pregnancy Yoga Teachers

I am going to share with you ten practices I have in place which help me to design and market my classes effectively and ensure access to a constant stream of pregnant women. You can be the most dedicated and experienced teacher but if nobody can find your classes online, they will stay empty. That’s why cracking this nut is essential for successful pregnancy yoga teaching. Working from the inside out let’s build a formula that will help you to establish a support and marketing infrastructure that brings energy to your classes whether online or in-person, later, when the studios and centres re-open their doors.

This session us free. Email to register.

December Session

Saturday 19 December


Reflections on a Difficult Year in Teaching and Planning for the Year Ahead

I am delighted to share with you a wonderful practice for structuring your year of Yoga Teaching and Birth Education Success. Pens and paper at the ready.

January 2021

Holding Space For Difficult Experiences

As pregnancy and postnatal teachers working around birth and supporting mothers through the challenging early postnatal period, it is inevitable that we are going to have women in our classes who are struggling with their experience.

It might be a mother in your pregnancy or postnatal class suffering from unidentified birth trauma or simply processing an experience that was very different to her expectations. This could be anything from unwanted intervention, to the deep grief of miscarriage or infant loss. How women process these experiences will differ depending on a range of factors including their psychological profile, postnatal support, the birth itself, and their postnatal wellbeing. Postnatal challenges often presenting in class include PND and other postnatal mental illness, failure to breastfeed, sleep deprivation, and loss of confidence.

Not everyone is equipped to support women who are traumatised or even very upset by their experience. Sometimes this can feel very destabilising for the teacher and difficult for the other women in the group.  This session will look out at some of the possible challenges presenting and how we can identify, reach out, and direct them onwards towards the integration and resolution they need.

As teachers we need to be able to hold space for the vulnerable in a way that feels safe and responsible for the individual, you the teacher and the wider our group.

Bring your stories, bring your resolutions, bring your experience… let’s find a way through that ensures we feel safe holding space for all women in our groups.

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Pregnancy Yoga Teachers Sadhana

About Me

Nadia is a YAP registered Senior Teacher. She has practiced Yoga for 18 years and taught for 15. As a Pregnancy teacher, she has trained with Birthlight, YogaBirth, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, the British Wheel of Yoga, Spinning Babies, Optimal Birthing, Dancing for Birth, Michel Odent, Dr Sara Wickham and many more international teachers bedsides. She has completed a Sivananda Teacher Training and a Teacher Training in Yoga Nidra with Satyananda School of Yoga and Swami Pragyamurthi. She has been taught meditation by Ajhan Sumedo at Amaravati Monastery, deepened her practice with the Shambala Centre and has completed many other courses and training in meditation and mindfulness with the British Wheel of Yoga, Kay Baxter, Sally Kempton and Rupert Spira.

Committed to deepening her own practice on all levels she has studied Yin Yoga more recently with US-based teacher Cyndi Lee, and Norman Blair, and practiced with Susanne Lahusen, Alan Lowen and joined the Embodied Philosophy Program.

Nadia is a trained and Doula-UK approved Birth Doula and has attended over 50 births over a period of 12 years  supporting every type of birth experience resulting in a deep trust of the childbirth process. She is the author and producer of Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth – a five-class DVD program which has sold just under 1000 copies and the author and teacher of her signature 12 week Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth Course .

A former journalist, Nadia also writes on Pregnancy, Birth, and Yoga for various blogs and publications including Mumfidential, My Baba and Juno Magazine.

Nadia is passionate about offering women the opportunity to use the radical physical transformation of pregnancy as a portal to an equally radical inner transformation and inner preparation for the incredible experience of childbirth and becoming a mother.

Nadia is a mother of 4.






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