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To participate in Nadia’s live streaming yoga courses:

  • Sign up for Zoom and download it on your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Book and pay for your class below.
  • If you have a pre-paid class pass, please book your space by emailing and confirming which class you are joining.
  • The day before the scheduled class, you will receive a further email which will include a Zoom Meeting ID and Password which will allow access to the live stream class.


Monday: 6pm (starting Monday April 20)


12 Weeks of Mindfulness Training, Pregnancy Yoga and Embodied Birth Preparation.

New Online Course Sale Price INCLUDING the Half day BIRTH REHEARSAL for TWO People: (For those booking after 21 March)

Course Price : £160

Single Class: £10

For More Info on this course click here.

Monday: 8pm

Meditation and Pranayama

Single Class £5

Tuesday: 10 AM


Single Class: £5/£10

Wednesday: 8AM


Single Class: £5/£10

Wednesday 3 June to Wednesday 22 July 2020.


6.30 pm-7:45 pm (GMT) (15 minutes of each class will be reserved for questions.)

Access to the recording of the complete session will be possible for those that cannot join the live classes.

Course Cost:

Full Course: £70

Single Lesson: £10 per session.

You are encouraged to join the full course if possible. In this way, you get the most benefit from the learning and commit to the journey and I get committed students.

Partial attendance will also be available for those whose EDD comes before the end of the course.

Previous Classes will also be made available for those who join the course late.

I look forward to joining you online for this deep dive into pregnancy yoga.

Pay for the lesson below;

Thursday 8PM


Single Class: £5/£10


Thanks for all support in the various classes I’ve been to (pregnancy, birth prep, couples birth prep and mother & baby!). I’ve found the classes really invaluable at each stage and you provide a brilliant service to women in the area.
Francis Thomas
I just wanted to grab an opportunity to say a massive thank you for your amazing yoga classes which stood me in such great stead to have the birth I thought I could only dream about.
Hannah Lawes
I really think that all the prep I did with you was the reason I didn’t end up with a c-section or high forceps! He was almost there without intervention and all the exercises we did were the reason I was able to labour and then push for so long – and of course navigate the system and fend off the …
I have found your classes absolutely invaluable during my pregnancy so far (and so has my partner!) – thank you!
Victoria Harris
I so loved your classes too and definitely want to come back with Harry to do the mother and baby yoga.
Fiona Phillips
There is so much to get out of Nadia’s classes, the brilliant net-working, info sharing and of course the yoga all adds up to a fantastic service for pregnant women
Midwife, Annie Franics
I attended Nadia’s workshop before the birth of my first child and for me it was the best thing I did in preparation for the birth
Lucy Evans
A huge thank you for your inspirational classes And wise words on empowering yourself with Knowledge, we had such a great experience Delivering evie at home
Laura Hilton
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Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth 85 Hr Teacher Training 
October 2020

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