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This June, The Positive Birth Movement takes an honest and open-minded look at the role of dads and birth parteners in the Birthing Room.

Earlier this month The Daily Mail published an article by author, childbirth guru and former obstrtrician Michel Odent criticising strongly the current trend for fathers to attend births. You can read it here:


Odent’s highly controversial position, likely to enflame many, also has many sensible arguments behind it. This month the PBM will explore what those arguments are including: How Dads feel about witnessing Childbirth? What are the challenges for fathers in the labour room? How can they help rather than hinder the birth process? What do women really need from them? What happens when a father says No to being the birth partner?  Who is the ideal birth partner for you? Should women have their mothers in the birthing room? Alongside hearing fathers and partners share their experiences, we wil explore how the community can best support fathers and partners moving through the Maternity Services. This month we are calling on fathers and birth partners  to come and share the PBM space and share a little about their own journey to fatherhood through childbirth.

The Positive Birth Clapham Group is facilitated by passionate doula Nadia Raafat, inspired Independent Midwives Anna von Horsten and Sabine von Toerne, and co-founder of Neighbourhood Midwives and birthing guru Tina Perridge. The group is lucky to be supported by many other wonderful doulas and midwives who attend and contribute their experience as birth workers and mothers to the discussion.

The Positive Birth Movement Clapham Group is open to all pregnant women and their partners, all birth workers and those interested in supporting and facilitating a positive birth experience either for themselves or others.

From June the sessions cost £5 to cover the cost of the beautiful space in which we host our PBM meetings. Otherwise everyone is giving their time voluntarily.

Sessions take place on the last Wednesday of every month before Nadia’s Mindful Birthing and Parenting class. There is no obligation to attend the class afterwards. However, should you wish to, you are also very welcome to stay and enjoy the class.

If you have any questions please email Nadia@nadiaraafat.com