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For the THIRD year running we are dedicating the last yoga session at Chatham Hall to a special Christmas yoga and mindfulness fundraising event in aid of Glass Door – a wonderful, local charity working hard to support the homeless in our area.

Why not start the Christmas season by gifting yourself the precious time to enter the inner space of your heart, cultivating lovng kindness to the deepest part of your self, to your loved ones, to those you find it difficult to love and, finally, outward to your entire community.

This Self Love: One Love workshop will offer a rich and varied mindful and dynamic hatha yoga to strengthen and boost circulation to the heart centre, inviting you to cultivate your heart awareness there, yin yoga to soothe and ground the body encouraging you to rest deeply in the seat of your self, breath work to further awaken and activate the subtle body followed by the beautiful Loving Kindness Meditation to close.

Metta or Loving Kindness meditation has its roots in Buddhism. This long and guided practice is designed to cultivate love and develop compassion. We start by sending love to our own self and then radiate out that love and compassion to close friends and family, those we are indifferent to, those who have hurt us and ultimately to all beings. It is the most beautiful heart healing practice. Metta is unconditional, inclusive love. No previous experience of this practice is required to benefit deeply from it.

After the event we will be sharing all that Christmas love with drinks and mince-pies at the Bolingbroke Pub on the corner of Northcote Road and Honeywell Road.

This special Xmas workshop is raising funds to support the homeless this winter. Both Myself and Chatham Hall are dedicating their fee to the cause so  100% of takings will go to Glass Door Homeless Charity. Our target this year is to raise £1200 by selling out the 40 mats available. Can you support the Chatham Hall community in this cause?

Bring yourself, your partners, even your teens or gift a ticket to a friend. Remember no experience is necessary and ALL experience is welcome.


100% of your ticket will go to Glass Door.

Did you know each £35 ticket will enable Glass Door to:

  • Cook a Christmas Dinner for 40 Guests
  • Offer one night’s space for someone at a night shelter complete with a new pair of socks and a meal
  • Enable potentially life-changing access to Glass Doors Support Networks

Think what 40 x £35 can achieve this cold Christmas.

I really hope you will come and join me for this very special evening and in doing so support our local homeless this winter. And if you can’t make it perhaps you will donate a ticket anyway to the cause. (Please remember to let me know if you are buying but not attending.)

Thank you so much for your support this term and I really hope to be able to close the term in this special way with you.

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