Bring That Baby Down – A Labour Yoga Workshop

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Whether your baby is head down, head up, presenting on the left, right, or posterior, there are biomechanical and intelligent solutions to improve your baby’s position both before and during labour.

This 90-minute workshop will show you how to use your body with awareness to identify where your baby is, maintain optimum positioning during late pregnancy and labour, resolve any malpositioning, and proceed onwards towards a normal birth.

Knowing how to carry your body, move intelligently and encourage good fetal descent is essential physical birth education; knowing that there are movement-based resolutions and bio-mechanical remedies for slow labours, awkward presentations, and stuck babies is deeply empowering information.

From forward-leaning inversions to the dangle practices and from reaching up and baby drops to birth ball remedies, Nadia will show you her top ten positions for a more comfortable and effective labour.

This special online pregnancy event is suitable for stages 2 and 3 in pregnancy.

Modifications will be suggested for those with pregnancy complications like groin pain, PGP and placenta previa.

15 minutes will be allocated at the end of the workshop to answer any questions you may have about the practices shared. 

Event Cost: £20

Places will be limited to 20.

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Bring That Baby Down Workshop

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