Creative Birth Journey Workshop

With Nadia Raafat and Erin McGuigan

Date: Sunday 15 August, 10am-4pm

Place: Kingston

The Creative Birth Journey urban day retreat is a whole new approach to birth preparation.

In our workshops we are not the “experts”, instead, you are. You know your body: our role is to help you remember the inner knowing you have, to help you conjure the strength deep within you as you prepare to birth your baby.

In our workshops you will create art and jewellery, share food and experience, move your bodies and discover you can also move mountains; and begin new friendships with other women who are on the same journey as you.

I developed this workshop with my doula colleague, Erin McGuigan. We bring together our combined wisdom as doulas, inner process workers, yoginis and lovers of all things birth to offer you our doula-inspired day.

We share a love of ceremony, a belief in the potency of ritual and a deep trust in the deep strength and resilience that women find when they come together consciously in circle.
Blessing the birth jorney before before you embark iis the ultimate act of self-love. It honours the spirtual dimension of pregnancy and birth; which, in turn, opens a portal for you to tap intp during the process itself; it celebrates the birth experience;  as the sacred rite of passage it is and it enables the female colledtive to remember the incredible resources they have deep within themslevs as they prepare to travel inwards to meet their baby.
On the Creative Birth Journey Workshop, you will spend the day making birth art, sitting in meditation, sharing stories and experience, learning form each other, birthdancing , visioning and coming together in pregnant and powerful community. Lunch will be supplied and you will go home laden with gifts and talismans to take with you on your journey.
This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other local women, celebrate your pregnancy, make precious keepsakes and honour the spiritual dimension of pregnancy and childbirth. We hope you will join us.
Workshops will be hosted by Erin and Nadia in their Kingston homes.

Cost: £95

Women remember their birth stories forever.

We wish to help you have a birth story you will want to stop people in the street to tell.

We wish to overhear ecstatic birth stories in every mama baby coffee morning and playgroup.

We wish to empower you.

The next Creative Birth Journey day retreat is scheduled for:

Sunday, 15 August, 2021​

The Cost is £95

Becoming Mother + Yoga + Mindfulness + Birth Education

Creative Birth Journey

We can also schedule a bespoke day for you and your friends according to your own individual needs.

Contact us for further info.

We wish to:

  • explore your wishes and intentions.
  • help you conquer your fears and feel strong in mind and body.
  • enrich your birth experience.
  • discover pleasure in birthing.
  • help you feel aligned with your body.
  • excite you to all the possibilities.
  • support and strengthen you, emotionally and physically.
  • help you gain confidence.
  • help you find your inner strength and wisdom.
  • help you trust your instincts.
  • fill you with fortitude, vision, and courage.
  • be with you at this most potent and vulnerable time.
  • serve you.

We wish for a positive birth experience for all women.

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