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During this three hour Partners Yoga Birth Rehearsal with Becoming Mother’s Nadia Raafat, we will journey through the template of a normal physiological birth from the onset of Labour to babe in arms and breastfeeding.

As part of the birth rehearsal we will look at the following:

Signs of labour, Labouring at home, Relaxation techniques, Yoga for labour, Breathing and Sounding for the various stages of Labour, Movements and Positions for Labour, Touch and Massage Techniques, How and when to transfer in, Breathing and Positioning for the Second stage, Navigating Difficulties, and Protecting the Hour of Power.

This is a practical workshop which will teach you plenty of birth skills and resources (drawing widely from the yoga, mindfulness and birth education traditions, so that you can move confidently towards the birth of your child with a practical understanding of how you will carry yourself through the experience.

This workshop is open to pregnant women attending on their own and also accompanied by their birth partners.


£45 Single booking 

£75 Double booking 

For further information or to book your places on the Birth Rehearsal Workshop Programme click here.

Nadia Raafat teaches Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga Yoga and Mindful Birth Preparation. She has been teaching in London for eleven years. Whether guiding a Yoga Class, a Pregnancy Class or a Mindful Birthing Course, Nadia’s intention is to cultivate presence and self-awareness in the practitioner. Her teaching approach is mindful with an emphasis placed on establishing and maintaining an embodied awareness and receptivity throughout. Nadia is also a Doula with over 50 births behind her, and is the facilitator for Positive Birth Movement‘s Clapham branch. She is passionate about supporting women with yoga and mindfulness on their journey through pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mother.