Yoga Birth Rehearsal Workshop

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Turning Theory into Practice

 The Labour and Childbirth experience is an intensely physical and emotionally challenging experience with many twists and turns, highs and lows along the way. Do you feel ready and equipped to make the journey?

Walk your way through the experience from start to finish with doula, yoga teacher and childbirth educator Nadia Raafat and learn valuable birth skills along the way.

Autumn Yoga Birth Rehearsal Workshop

This workshop is open to all pregnant women and their chosen birth partners. There are a few assisted places available. Please contact to apply for an assisted place.

Saturday 24 November : 2PM-6PM


Chatham Hall, 152 Northcote Road, Battersea SW11 6RD



Whether you are a first time couple with little idea about how this incredible event will unfold or experienced parents who simply want to brush up on your birth skills, Nadia’s Yoga Birth Rehearsal offers you an opportunity to put all the skills you have learned into context as we practically map the experience from the onset of Labour to babe in arms and breastfeeding.

Workshop Content

Following the pathway of a normal physiological birth – that is a birth without intervention – we will look at the following.

  • Physiology of Labour – the action and the experience.
  • Labouring at home – How to stay at home as long as possible.
  • Relaxation and Pain Relief techniques.
  • Yoga movements and positions for an effective labour.
  • Breathing and Sounding for the various stages of Labour
  • Movements and Positions for an effective Labour.
  • Touch and Massage Pain Relief Techniques.
  • How and when to transfer in to minimise discomfort and maintain progress.
  • Breathing and Positioning for the Second stage.
  • Navigating the  Long, Slow Birth.
  • Working with Intervention.
  • Protecting the Hour of Power.
  • Your Birth Rights

This is a practical workshop which will teach you plenty of really useful birth skills and resources (drawing widely from the yoga, mindfulness and birth education traditions), so that you can move confidently towards the birth of your child.

This workshop is open to pregnant women. Birth Partners are also strongly encouraged to attend.

At the end of the workshop you will both have a much clearer idea about how the event will unfold and what skills will best serve you when. Your birth partner will have a really good idea about how he/she can best support you mentally, emotionally and practically as you both navigate the childbirth journey.

Saturday 24 November : 2PM-6PM


Chatham Hall, 152 Northcote Road, Battersea SW11 6RD




“My husband says that he would recommends your partners class to anyone as it made him realise how important a supportive and informed birthing partner is.”  Helena and Will

“Thank you Nadia for such an awesome day…. it is the best advice within this kind of thing that I have done for my pregnancy so far…” Katy Appleton

“Just wanted to say how brilliant the course was last Saturday. Both steve and I got so much out of it – he was raving about how great it was to anyone who’d listen! Just the perfect balance between the hormone part and the more practical part. We both feel so much more prepared.” Lucia Glover

A note to say that the course was absolutely brilliant, thank you so much.  It was just what we needed – very practical, informative and a good re-cap for us. I think particularly for the Dads it’s difficult to get focused second time round (done it before, it was fine last time, and the memories fade!), and your course was brilliant for getting us both, particularly Jim, ready for it all.”  Lucy Marsh

“Really really really thought your course on Sat was fab.  Thank you so much.  We both benefitted from it hugely… it was just crammed with wonderful advice and knowledge and experience and practical skills.” Julia and Chris

I just wanted to say how much Tom and I enjoyed the birth workshop with you the other weekend. It was fantastic and we learnt so much. Anon

“I wanted to say how much we LOVED the course with you and all we learnt there. The experience was incredible for us both to be together focusing on the birth of our baby and Nicholas has not stopped raving about it. He says we learnt so much more there than he ever knew, and compares everything else we have done to you and your teaching style and says there is no comparison!”
Nicola P